Extending a Loop Region

Now all you need to do is extend the Forest loop to make it last until the end of the song. The whole process is incredibly easy. Loop regions are designed to repeat (loop) over and over seamlessly. To extend a loop region, all you have to do is click the upper-right corner and pull.

First, let's close the Track Info pane to maximize your workspace. Then, you'll move the playhead so you can use it as a guide for extending the loop region.


Close the Track Info pane.


Drag the playhead through the Beat Ruler to the beginning of the 73rd measure. (This is also the end of the Lead Piano region.)

Check the time display to make sure your playhead is in the right location.


Move your pointer over the upper-right corner of the Forest loop region.

The pointer becomes a loop pointer, a vertical line next to a curved arrow, which indicates the pointer is in the correct position to drag the loop to repeat.


Drag the upper-right corner of the Forest loop region and extend it to the playhead position (the beginning of the 73rd measure).

You don't have to extend a loop for the full length of the original region. If you make the looped section shorter than the original, you will only hear the notes included in the new loop segment.

Notice that as the loop repeats, you can see notches that show the beginning and end of the original loop within the new region.

The project is really coming together. However, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about the intensity of the chime sound at the beginning of the song. The other instrumentation is very delicateeven the birds in the Forest ambience are lightyet the chime seems overly dramatic. The whole piece is supposed to start delicately to go with the whole sunrise and nature theme. I still like the idea of a chime here, just not this particular recording. Looks like we'll have to record a new wind chime, and delete the old one.

Apple Training Series GarageBand 3
Apple Training Series: GarageBand 3
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