Section 3.12. Summary

3.12. Summary

  • Establishing a process program should begin a strategic activity in the organization, one that involves working through a series of managed considerations.

  • Establish executive sponsorship: obtain formal commitment from executive management for the design and development of a process improvement program.

  • Establish a process team: formulate a team to begin the work of structuring the process group and planning process program components.

  • Program design cycle: observe how the organization conducts select business activities, help detail how activities can be enhanced, and then reflect those practices in documented processes.

  • Train the organization: prepare the organization to begin effectively using the program and its components in an informed and capable manner.

  • Roll out: carry the program out into the IT community at large and establish it as an organizational standard.

  • Refine: periodically adjust the program and its components to reflect lessons learned.

  • Institutionalize: encourage full use of the program across relevant IT groups so that it becomes ingrained in the culture over time.

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