Does Word update my document-property values for me?


In some cases, Word updates your document's property values. As you type words into your document, for example, Word updates that document's word count. You must specify other user -specific properties, such as the document-search keywords and comments.


Why should I wait until after I create a document to proof it?


Most Word users prefer to turn on the automatic spell-checker but wait until their documents are finished before hyphenating and checking the grammar. During the editing process, edits frequently change hyphenation locations; depending on your computer's speed, Word might slow down considerably to update changed hyphens when you change lines. Additionally, the grammar checker has to work constantly as you create your document, not only slowing down your edits but also indicating bad grammar in the places where you might be typing rough-draft material.


Should I modify Word settings if several people use the same computer?


If you share a computer with others, you should not customize Word without telling the others what you have done. As a group , you might determine that certain Word options are better defined than others, but be sure to make customization changes only with the consent of others. Otherwise, the next person who uses Word might think Word no longer can check spelling, when in fact you have only turned off the spell-checker temporarily.

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