I want to use PowerPoint to present my slides, but I don't want it controlling the transition and timing of the slide show. Can I use PowerPoint to display my slides manually?


You learn about the details of the PowerPoint slide show in the next hour , but rest assured that it supports manual slide shows in which you control the appearance of the next slide. Actually, most presenters want complete control over the timing of the slide presentations, and PowerPoint supports such manual transitions. If you want to use PowerPoint to produce Web-based presentations, you can use the slide-show feature as well.


Can I print everything (all views) with a single File, Print command?


No, you can only print individual slide-show components , such as the speaker's notes, audience handouts, or slides from the File, Print menu. If you want to print all presentation elements, select File, Print and print a different component each time.


I'm using a bureau service to turn my presentation into individual color slides. Do I need the PowerPoint slide show?


You will learn about the slide show in the next hour's session. PowerPoint creates individual slides that you can print or display inside PowerPoint, over a Web page, or from any other source that displays PowerPoint presentations. The slide show does not have anything to do with the medium on which you present your final presentation, however, so you can turn your presentation into slides without using the slide show.

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