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unbinding session objects, listening for  
undeploy target (Ant, build.xml file)  
        keytool utility, creating digital certificate with  
       shell script for precompiling all JSP pages in application  
       shell script for precompiling JSP files  
Unix-based Mac OS X 10.2 system, PATH variable for javac  
UPDATE statement (SQL)  
uploading files
       com.oreilly.servlet classes for file uploads  
       JSP, handling with  
               file uploading JavaBean, creating  
               JSP that uploads and displays information about  
       multiple file uploads   2nd  
       preparing HTML page for  
               component to receive file upload and store in local directory  
       renaming uploaded files  
               with your own Java class  
uri attribute (taglib directive)  
       JSTL 1.1, different values in  
       mapping uri elements in TLD as specified by taglib directive in JSP files  
       request, use by JSP error page  
url custom action  
       adding parameters with  
       encodeURL( ) vs.  
       rewriting URLs with  
URL patterns  
       *.jsp is an extension mapping  
       /sqlJsp.jsp, initiation of BASIC authentication for  
       aiming all requests at a controller servlet  
       exact matching requirement for  
       JSP-type, creating for a servlet  
       restricting any requests from reaching  
       specified by security-constraint elements  
URL rewriting   2nd  
       using in a JSP  
       using in a servlet  
url-pattern element (web.xml)  
       * wildcard character in  
       case sensitivity of  
       mapping all requests from web application to a servlet  
       mapping filter to a JSP  
URLConnection class  
       connection to, opening  
       external importing into JSP with c:import tag  
       initiating Amazon search with  
       invoker-style, for servlets  
       specifying a directory only  
       for static content, mapping to a servlet  
user classpath  
user roles   [See roles]
User-Agent header  
       manager role (Tomcat)  
        tomcat-users .xml file  
               mapping to security roles  
               usernames, passwords, and roles in  

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