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redirecting requests (after checking session validity)  
reference implementation  
       for JSTL  
refid attribute (Ant classpath element)   2nd  
reflection, using in logging  
Refresh header  
       JSP that adds to the response  
refreshing a JSP automatically  
refreshing a servlet automatically  
registered names for servlets  
       filters, mapping to  
       invoking registered servlets with invoker servlet  
reloadable attribute (Context element, Tomcat)   2nd  
Remote Method Invocation registry  
removeAttribute( ) (HttpSession)  
renaming uploaded files  
       with your own Java class  
request and response objects  
       error page access to  
request attributes
       access by error-handling servlet  
       access by included resources in JSPs  
       exception information from  
request headers  
       accessing with EL implicit object  
               value of one particular header  
       examining in a JSP  
       examining in a servlet  
       filter, using to alter  
request implicit object  
request parameters
       accessing with EL implicit object   2nd  
       getting for CallbackHandler  
request phase (JSPs)  
request scope   2nd  
request, ServletRequestListeners  
RequestDispatcher interface   2nd  
       forward( )   2nd  
       forwarding of HTTP requests without triggering security constraints  
       forwarding requests to servlets under security constraints  
       include( )   2nd  
               embedding Flash in a servlet  
               including JavaScript CreateWindow function in a servlet  
               including top-level servlet file  
               including validating JavaScript module in a servlet  
               servlet importing JavaScript file  
       JSP fragment included in a servlet with  
RequestDispatcher objects, using filters with  
requestInitialized( )  
       blocking from an IP address with a filter  
        optionally blocking with a filter  
requestScope implicit JSTL object   2nd  
Resource elements (server.xml)   2nd   3rd  
resource-env-ref element (web.xml)   2nd  
resource-ref element (web.xml)  
ResourceBundle objects   2nd  
       creating as a Java class  
       creating as a property file  
       getBundle( )   2nd  
       localization context set in web.xml  
       using in a JSP  
       using in a servlet  
ResourceParams elements (server.xml)   2nd   3rd  
response codes, HTTP   [See HTTP response codes]
response headers
       definition of  
               JSPs, adding to  
response implicit object (JSP)  
       customizing with a JavaBean  
       filtering HTTP responses  
restricting requests for certain servlets  
Result interface   2nd  
Result objects  
       converting ResultSet to  
ResultSet objects  
       finding out information about  
ResultSetMetaData interface  
       servlet that uses  
ResultSupport class  
       toResult( )  
       checking for users who request servlet  
       specified in auth-constraint element  
rollback( ) (Connection)   2nd  
rolling file appender  
RollingFileAppender class  
root element   [See jsp:root element]
root logger  
       adding an appender to  

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