7.11. Test Your Understanding

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Why is a container control such as a GroupBox used with radio buttons?


What is the SizeMode property set to in order to automatically resize and fill an image in a PictureBox?


Suppose you place objects in a ListBox that have these properties:

 string Vendor, string ProductID, int Quantity 

How do you have the ListBox display the ProductID and Quantity?


What event is fired when an item in a ListBox is selected? What ListBox properties are used to identify the selected item?


What property and value are set on a ListView to display its full contents in a grid layout?


Which TReeNode property can be used to store object data in a TReeView node?


Which two events must the destination control in a drag-and-drop operation support?


The Property Browser in VS.NET uses metadata to categorize a control's properties and events and assign default values. How do you generate this information for the properties in a custom control?


What class is used to read text from a text resource file embedded in an assembly? What method is used to read values from the file?

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    Core C# and  .NET
    Core C# and .NET
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