I want to send special thanks to Betsy Brown for putting up with me on this project. She was the driving force behind the work, and I cannot express how glad I am that she wanted me to do this project.

Jason Perkins had to wade through all the problems I put into this book's first draft. Any problems that might be left are all mine. In addition, the other staff and editors on this project, namely Jon Steever, George Nedeff, and Bart Reed, made this book better than it otherwise could be.

Finally, I want to express massive thanks to readers who keep coming back to my titles. Teaching you how to do something is nothing but a pleasure for me.

Greg  Perry

Thanks go first to Betsy Brown and Alice Martina Smitha dream team of editorial excellence. Thanks also to Greg himselffor writing such a wonderful book to begin with. I also want to thank Dave Belden for his support and insight, and you , the reader, for joining the community. Spread the word!

M.T.  Cozzola

What can I say? Betsy and Alice will always have my eternal gratitudeon every book I've ever worked on with them, they have put their hearts and souls into thec project, with excellent results as you can now see. Thanks also to Greg for providing the backbone for this book, and to the community for jointly creating such a wonderful product to write about.

Jennifer  Fulton 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
Sams Teach Yourself 2, Firefox and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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