39 Create a New Spreadsheet

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Calc offers two ways to create new spreadsheets: You can create a completely blank, new spreadsheet (if you choose this approach, you must decide what to put in the spreadsheet and where that information should go), or you can use a spreadsheet template to open a preformatted spreadsheet. 16 About Styles and Templates explains what templates are.

Before You Begin

37 About Sheets and Spreadsheets

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Although Calc does not come with templates when you first install OpenOffice.org, you can easily create a template to reuse later. This task shows you how to open a blank spreadsheet. 18 Use a Template explains how to create a new spreadsheet based on a template you may have created and saved previously.



Unlike Writer, AutoPilot offers no help for creating spreadsheets.

  1. Request a New Spreadsheet

    Select Spreadsheet from the File, New menu option. Calc creates a blank spreadsheet. Alternatively, click the New toolbar button to open a new blank Calc spreadsheet quickly.

  2. Compose Your Spreadsheet

    Create your spreadsheet in the blank work area of cells that Calc gives you. You'll enter text, numbers , and formulas, depending on the needs of your spreadsheet. You can print your spreadsheet (see 46 Print a Spreadsheet ) at any time.

  3. Save the Spreadsheet

    After creating your spreadsheet, select File, Save and type the name of your spreadsheet. Calc uses the filename extension .sxc for your spreadsheet. You can select another file format, such as Microsoft Excel; doing so saves the spreadsheet with the .xls Excel extension. Other file formats include StarCalc ( .sdc ), text ( .txt ), and HTML ( .html ).

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