Chapter 3. Making Your Words Look Good

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10 About the Rulers

11 About Paragraph Breaks and Tabs

12 Apply Character Formatting

13 Apply Paragraph Formatting

14 Set Up Page Formatting

15 Create a Multicolumn Newsletter

16 About Styles and Templates

17 Use a Style

18 Use a Template

Writer adds flair to your documents. Not only can Writer make your words read more accurately with its automatic correction tools, but Writer makes your writing look better too. Writer supports character, paragraph, and even complete document formatting.

When you begin learning Writer, don't worry with the formatting. Just type your text before formatting it so that you get your thoughts in the document while they are still fresh. After you type your document, you can format its text. Many writers follow this write-then-format plan throughout their entire careers.

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Sams Teach Yourself All In One
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