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Keep OpenOffice.org up to date, and OpenOffice.org will always perform as well as possible. The authors of OpenOffice.org continually update the programs to add features, correct bugs , and update the help documentation. You should routinely go to the OpenOffice.org Web site to check for updates and add-on programs for OpenOffice.org.

Before You Begin

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Upgrading OpenOffice.org typically requires that you check your current version and see if a newer one is available on the Web site. If so, you'll download the new version and install it.

  1. Check Your Version

    From any OpenOffice.org program, select Help, About OpenOffice.org to see the current version number. Don't go by the graphic logo; check the exact version number you have installed by reading the first line of text in the About OpenOffice.org dialog box. Click OK to close the About dialog box.



    Any and all data files you've created in previous versions of OpenOffice.org remain on your disk unchanged when you upgrade.

  2. Check the Latest Online Version

    Start your Web browser and traverse to http://OpenOffice.org/ and look for the latest version number. The latest version is usually the very first number on the Web page's main display area. If the version number is greater than the one you've installed, you should upgrade your system to the newer version.



    With the About dialog box still open , you can press Ctrl+S+D+T to view a scrolling list of the names of the developers who created OpenOffice.org.

  3. Locate the Upgrade

    Click the OpenOffice.org Web page's Download tab to display the Download Central page. The new version to which you'll upgrade will most likely be the first item in the list.

  4. Specify Your System

    Select your language, operating system, and your closest download site location to begin the download. The File Download dialog box will appear. Specify a location and click Save to start the transfer of the upgraded version from OpenOffice.org's servers to your computer.


  5. Install the Upgrade

    Click Open to start the upgrade of your OpenOffice.org installation. The upgrade will act like a new installation, but your current option settings will be retained when possible. You may have to restart your computer when the upgrade finishes to reset everything properly and to start your new version of OpenOffice.org.

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