Chapter 12. Adding Flair to Your Presentations

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85 Use an Impress Template

86 About Impress Views

87 Enter Text into a Presentation

88 Find and Replace Text

89 Format Presentation Text

90 Animate Text

91 About Impress Styles

92 Use a Style

93 Change a Presentation's Background

When you first learn Impress, you should get a general overview of what presentations are all about and how to create them. Chapter 11, "Learning About Impress," covers all those topics, and if you have not ever worked with Impress, you may want to review the tasks in that chapter.



Not only will too much text be difficult to read, presentation slides aren't designed to convey lots of textual information. That's your job as the presenter! Design your presentation to support and enhance the message you convey as you give your presentation.

This chapter covers details, such as how to add text to your presentation slides. No matter how graphical you want your presentation to be, the presentation's words are what usually convey your information to your audience. You must enter and format text on the slides in a way that informs your audience without overwhelming them.

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