Adding Video

Video is perhaps the ultimate multimedia object you can add to your PowerPoint presentation. You have a moving picture, as well as sound in a video clip. A video clip, even a short one, can help you make a point in your presentation. Just as with sound clips and photo files, you can get video clips by using either the PowerPoint Clip Gallery or other video files.

Inserting Video Files from the Clip Gallery

As with clip art, pictures, and sound clips, you can also use PowerPoint's built-in Clip Gallery to browse through a selection of video clips.

To use PowerPoint's built-in Clip Gallery to browse through a selection of video clips, use the following steps:

  1. Choose Insert, Movies and Sounds, Movie from Gallery to open the Videos tab of the familiar Clip Gallery.

  2. Click a Category button (such as Downloaded Clips) to display a list of the video clips available for that category.

  3. Use the Back and Forward navigation buttons to help in the viewing of the gallery categories.

  4. Click the video clip you want to insert.


    Before you insert a video clip, you can preview it, just as with a sound clip. To preview a video clip, simply click the clip and then click the Play Clip button.

  5. Click the Insert Clip button.

  6. Close the Insert Movie dialog box by clicking on the Close button in the upper-right corner.

Inserting Other Video Files

If you have video clips that didn't come with PowerPoint, you can incorporate them, too, just as you can use picture and sound files from other folders on your hard drive. The most common video file formats that work with PowerPoint are AVI, MPG, FLC, and FLI files. AVI and MPG files produce movie-like and television-like video clips. Just as with sound files, you might not even be aware of video files you already have available. You can also download files from the Web or purchase video files if you desire .

To add one of these files to your PowerPoint presentation, use the following steps (they are exactly the same as when you inserted a sound file):

  1. Choose Insert, Movies and Sounds, Movie from File to open the Insert Movie dialog box.

  2. Specify the correct folder location in the Look in box.

  3. Click the file you want to insert to select it.

  4. Click the OK button to insert the file into your presentation slide.

  5. If you want the video to play automatically in the slide show, click Yes; otherwise , click No.

As with pictures and sound clips, you can resize the video clip and move it to anywhere on the slide. To play the video clip, double-click its icon on the slide (in Slide Show view, just single-click ).


You can also search for video files, as you have done for sound files. To search for video files, use the same steps you performed for sound files; simply substitute Movies from File in step 1.

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