Assigning and Managing Tasks

Assigning and Managing Tasks

If you want to add tasks or add more information, you can use Outlook's Task Manager module. Here you can change the status, the due date, and the current percentage completed, and you can assign the task to a specific category. You can even prioritize each task. The following steps introduce you to Outlook's task-entering feature.

  1. Click the Tasks icon on the Outlook Bar. Click the box below the subject to enter a new task. Type Call George about documentation for the loan model . Press Enter.

  2. Click under Subject to enter a new task. Type Call Linda and Forrest about concert schedule. Click in the Due Date field. You can either type a date directly or click the drop-down arrow to choose a date from a calendar. This time, type 12/12/99 . Press Enter.

  3. To see the full list of possibilities for the task, double-click anywhere on the task. The Task dialog box for the specific task is displayed, as shown in Figure 14.9. You may have to resize the window to see all of it. Click to see the Details tab information, and then click the Task tab.

    Figure 14.9. The Task tool lets you create, specify, and assign tasks.


  4. Click the Categories button at the bottom of the Task dialog box. The Categories dialog box, shown in Figure 14.10, is displayed.

    Figure 14.10. Use the Categories dialog box to assign and create categories for tasks.


  5. Type Research in the Item(s) Belong to These Categories box and click the Add to List button. Click the Business category. Business, Research is now displayed in the Category field for this task. This also adds Research to the master list. To manage the list of categories, click the Master Category List button. Here you can also delete categories, as well as add categories or reset the list to the default. Click OK to close the Categories box, and then click Save and Close to close the task.

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