Emailing an Invoice

The most popular form of communication these days seems to be email, so why not take advantage of this medium to dispatch your invoices? Email is easy and you can get your invoice into the hands of your customer quickly. One word of warning: Make sure your customer expects the e-invoice so your message won't get lost in the shuffle of junk that permeates email boxes. If your customer is keen on electronic communication, you might be able to encourage an electronic payment, which reduces the turnaround time on your invoice even more.

Indicate Email Status on an Invoice

Create an invoice, or open an invoice form already created but not yet printed.

Check the To Be E-mailed box to initiate email delivery.

Save the invoice.

If the customer's email address was not entered previously, you are prompted to enter it now.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

Email addresses entered on-the-fly are saved for future use. If you are prompted to enter your customer's email address, you only have to enter it once. Your entry is saved with this customer's information for future use.

Send One Invoice by Email

Open the invoice on which you indicated email delivery.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Send button.

Select E-mail Invoice.

Verify that the information in the cover letter is correct.

Make changes or additions in the cover letter if necessary.

Click the Send Now button.

Send a Batch of Email Invoices

Select Send Forms from the File menu.

Click to the left of each form you want to send. Checkmarks appear to the left of each selected form.

Double-click any form to display a preview of the accompanying cover letter.

Click Send Now.

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