Preparing an Accounts Receivable Aging Summary Report

The accounts receivable aging reports provide insight into how timely your customer payments are received. The aging summary report shows outstanding balances arranged by customer name and divided into time periods: amounts due currently, 130 days overdue, 3160 days overdue, 6190 days overdue, and more than 90 days overdue.

Select Customers & Receivables from the Reports menu.

Select A/R Aging Summary from the side menu.

You can change the interval from 30 days to 60 or whatever is more common in your business.

Select how many days overdue to include in the report. If you select 120, for example, with a 30-day interval, the report displays a new column for 91120 and then a column for >120.

Did You Know?

You can see the details of all accounts receivable in a single report. Instead of selecting A/R Aging Summary, select A/R Aging Detail in step 2 to see every overdue invoice instead of a summary listing by job. Or, double-click on an entry in the Summary report to see the detail behind that entry.

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