Editing Inventory Items

If the information you recorded about your inventory items changes, you can easily edit the information in your QuickBooks records. You can change any information about the item, item description, the cost, the sales price, a preferred vendor, the sales tax status, and so on. The only thing you can't change about the item is its type. After an item is designated as an inventory part item, it must keep that designation.

Select Item List from the Lists menu.

Click the name of the item you want to change.

Press Ctrl+E.

Change any of the information in the white areas of the Edit Item window, except the Type, which cannot be changed (see the following Did You Know?). Note that the information that appears in the edit window varies, depending on the type of item you choose. The window shown here is for an inventory part item.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

Inventory part items can be reclassified as inventory assembly items. QuickBooks offers a feature called inventory assembly items. Inventory assembly items are items built from inventory parts or other inventory assemblies and then sold as one item. Only users of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions can create and build assembly items, but all QuickBooks users can edit, purchase, and sell them.

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