Adding to Your Inventory

When you record the receipt of inventory items from your vendors, those items are added to your QuickBooks inventory. You can record the receipt of items from a vendor's bill, or if you haven't yet received a bill, the items can be entered from a packing slip. As soon as the bill arrives, one check mark turns the QuickBooks record of received items into a bill that needs to be paid.

Select Receive Items from the Vendors menu.


Click the Receive Inventory icon in the Vendor section of the Home page and then choose Receive Inventory without Bill from the popup menu that appears.

Enter the name of the vendor.

Enter the date the items were received.

Enter the name of the item(s) received.

Enter the quantity of items received.

You can enter the cost of the items if you have this information, or you can leave this area blank.

Click one of the save options; the items are immediately added to your inventory.

Did You Know?

Entering items changes the average cost. When you add items to your company's inventory, the average cost of that item is updated to incorporate the new items you've added and the cost you've entered. Although you can record the receipt of items without entering a cost, be aware that they will be averaged in with your other items at zero cost, thus reducing the average cost of all the pieces of that item you have in inventory.

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