Activating Your Online Bank Account

The first stop in using online banking services is getting access to a bank that provides the services you need. After you've opened a bank account and established online privileges, you're ready to put QuickBooks to work. You'll be able to access your bank account directly from your QuickBooks program. These steps show you how to initiate the QuickBooks online banking feature.

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Setup Account For Online Access from the side menu.

Click Next on the introductory screen that appears.

Click to indicate you are setting up a bank account, then click Next.

Click to indicate you have completed the online banking application process with your bank.

Click Next, and Next again. If you haven't yet received your online access information from your bank, wait until that information is received to proceed to the next step.

Make sure the Enable Accounts tab is selected; then click Next.

Choose your bank name from the drop-down list or choose My Financial Institution Is Not On This List to bring up a list of financial institutions recognized by QuickBooks from which you can select your bank.

Click Next.

Select the option to indicate you have received a confirmation from your bank (if you haven't yet received your confirmation, click Leave and return to the setup later).

Click Next.

Enter the bank routing number.

Enter your customer ID number (this is probably your Social Security number or your business federal ID number).

Click Next.

Indicate the name of the account you will use for online services. This is the account name that appears in your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

Click Next.

Enter the type of account.

Enter the account number.

Check the boxes to indicate which type of online services you will use with this account.

Click Next.

Review the information onscreen, making any necessary changes.

Click Yes if you need to set up additional accounts. If you click Yes, repeat steps 9-20.

Click Next.

When you have finished entering your online account information, you are presented with this disclaimer. Click OK.

Click Yes if you want to set up accounts at another financial institution; then repeat this task.

Click No if you are finished entering online banking information.

Click Next.

Click Leave.

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