Customizing FormsEditing Existing Forms

QuickBooks comes with a collection of standard forms, ready for your use. You are welcome to use these forms as is, or you can make changes to customize the forms to the needs of your company. You can add or remove fields and columns, change the size of the forms, and even add graphic images such as your company's logo. If you're feeling really creative, you can design a form from scratch. For this example, we will edit an existing form to make some minor changes.

Select Templates from the Lists menu.

Click a form you want to revise.

Click Open Form.

On the blank form that appears, click the Customize button.

Did You Know?

Certain form elements can't be changed. You might see a message indicating that some of the design options are unavailable to you. If you chose to edit a standard Intuit form there are certain areas you are not permitted to change. You can overcome this obstacle by choosing to create a new form from the existing template, as we have done in this example.

Click New to use the existing form as your basis for creating a new, customized form.

Did You Know?

There are screen elements, and there are print elements. For each form, some elements are displayed only on your screen and not on the printed form, other elements are displayed on both the screen and the form, and some elements are displayed only on the printed form. Check boxes in either the Screen or the Print column, or both, to determine where the elements appear.

Enter a name for your new form.

Click each tab to view different elements of the form.

Check or uncheck boxes to choose or deselect the elements you want to include on your customized form.

Click the Layout Designer button. Here you can preview your form and click and drag to move elements to different locations.

Click OK when all changes have been completed.

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