Chapter 10. QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

What You'll Do

Set Spelling Preferences

Create a Budget

Produce a Budget Report

Set Up Classes

Display a Class List

Use Multiple Classes on One Form

Report on Classes

Create Payment Terms

Customize a FormEdit an Existing Form

Customize FormsCreate a New Form

Make a Journal Entry

Use the Audit Trail

Use Remote Access

Create Mailing Labels

This collection of miscellaneous tips and techniques contains something for every QuickBooks user. Here you'll find tips for correcting errors and learn how to customize a form. You'll also learn how to check your spelling and find out how to create mailing labels.

This chapter contains information about working with an outside accountant who can access your company information and help you make year-end journal entries to produce accurate financial statements. You'll learn how to void checks without affecting a prior period balance.

In addition, you'll explore budgets and how to produce budget reports. You'll also learn some tips for using a budget effectively. The QuickBooks Class feature, a method of grouping transactions, is also covered in this chapter, with information on how to incorporate classes into your forms and reports.

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