Setting Spelling Preferences

To spell correctly, or not to spel corectleyfortunately, there's a bit more to setting your spelling preferences than that! Do you want QuickBooks to check your spelling on your forms? Are there certain types of words you want the spellchecker to ignore? The spelling preferences are personal settings as opposed to companywide settings, so each QuickBooks user at your company can choose personalized spelling features.

Select Preferences from the Edit menu.

Click the Spelling icon.

Click the My Preferences tab.

Check this box to require that QuickBooks spellcheck each of your forms before printing, saving, or sending the form.

Check Internet Addresses to eliminate URLs from spellcheck.

Check Numbers to eliminate spellchecker alerts on words containing numerals.

Check Capitalized First Letter to eliminate proper nouns from spellcheck.

Check All UPPERCASE to eliminate from spellcheck words that contain all capital letters.

Check Mixed Case to eliminate from spellcheck words that contain capital letters after the first letter.

Did You Know?

Spellchecking is not available on all forms. The QuickBooks spellchecking feature is available only on forms you send to customers. This includes invoices, purchase orders, estimates, sales receipts, and credit memos. You can enforce automatic spellchecking or you can spell-check on an individual basis by clicking the Spelling button at the top of the form.

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