Receiving a Partial Order

If you created a purchase order for the goods you received, the purchase order list appears on a screen when you indicate you have received the goods. If you didn't receive the complete order, you should note what was received and keep the purchase order active until you receive the rest of your order.

Select Receive Items from the Vendors menu.

Enter the vendor name in the space provided.

In the window that appears, click Yes to view open purchase orders.

Check the purchase order that applies to the goods you received.

Click OK.

Check Bill Received if a bill for the partial order was received with the shipment.

Verify the bill's due date.

Make any necessary adjustments to the quantities to reflect the actual items received.

Save the bill.

Did You Know?

Purchase orders are adjusted automatically. When you adjust the quantities of the items you have received, the original purchase order changes to reflect the remaining outstanding items.

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