Receiving Goods

When you receive items you ordered, those items need to be added to your inventory. Other goods you order, such as supplies, also need to be acknowledged in QuickBooks so that the outstanding purchase order can be closed and the payment process can begin. You can check the goods you ordered against the purchase order, or you can enter a bill directly into QuickBooks without first creating the purchase order.

Select Receive Items from the Vendors menu.


Clicking the Receive Inventory icon on the Home page, then choosing Receive Inventory Without (or With) Bill, also opens the Create Item Receipts window.

Click the down arrow or begin entering a vendor name in the Vendor area of the Create Item Receipts window.

If an open purchase order exists for this vendor, you are prompted to receive items against a purchase order. Click Yes to see open orders.

Check the order or orders that apply to the goods you received.

Click OK.

Check the box if a bill was received with the shipment. The form name changes to an Enter Bills form.

Verify the bill's due date.

If you haven't transferred information from a purchase order, enter information about items received and price.

Verify the quantity of items received.

Verify the total amount due on the bill.

Click here if you need to view the purchase order.

Select a save option.

Did You Know?

Purchases orders are automatically adjusted. If you receive items against a purchase order, the purchase order is adjusted to reflect items received. If the entire order is not received, the purchase order is adjusted to show the remaining items still on order.

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