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Not all AutoMovies play the same, or even play in the same style. It's not just the video and audio content that changes, but also the speed and tone of the movie.

AutoMovie can generate a movie based on your selected clips. The following styles are available to help AutoMovie generate the style of movie your production requires:

  • Flip and Slide ” Movie Maker applies the following transitions between clips: flip, slide, reveal, and page curl ( see 69 Transition from Clip to Clip ).

  • Highlights Movie ” Movie Maker creates a kinder, gentler movie with cuts and fades between clips, a title at the beginning, and credits at the end.

  • Music Video ” Movie Maker turns your movie into a music video, adding quick edits for fast-paced clips and long edits for slower clips based on the audio track's beat.

  • Old Movie ” Movie Maker produces an old-time movie by adding effects that age your video ( see 68Make Your Movies Look Vintage ).

  • Sports Highlights ” Movie Maker adds excitement to your movie with an exploding title and end credits that wrap around your video, including fast pans and zooms between clips.



    When you select a style, you are selecting the way AutoMovie plays your video and transitions from clip to clip.

  1. Select Tools, AutoMovie

    After you've dragged your selected clips to the timeline, select AutoMovie from the Tools menu.

  2. Select a Style

    Click to select one of the AutoMovie styles. Movie Maker will apply your selected style to the generated movie. You are now ready to finish the AutoMovie's titles and soundtrack.

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