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Removing unneeded storyboard clips is one of the easiest tasks in Movie Maker. When you delete one or more storyboard clips, the clips leave the storyboard, and thus leave the final movie you can create to that point. Of course, you can always put clips right back on the storyboard if you change your mind.

When you delete a clip from the storyboard, the clip still remains in your Collections pane. By deleting the storyboard clip, you only shorten the video you're currently making. Whether the clip is a video clip, picture clip, transition, or special effect, you delete the clip from the storyboard the same way.

  1. Click to Select

    Click to select any clip on the storyboard that you want to delete.

  2. Select Edit, Delete

    When you select Edit, Delete (or press the Del key), the clip disappears from the storyboard.

  3. Click Undo

    Changing your mind is simple. Just click the toolbar's Undo button and Movie Maker puts the clip right back where it was before you deleted it. The Undo button will put back multiple clips you might have deleted, too. Keep clicking Undo as often as you want to undo an edit to your project.

  4. Hold Ctrl, Then Click Multiple Clips

    If you want to delete multiple clips at once, hold Ctrl while you click on several clips to select all the clips you want to remove. If you select a clip accidentally that you do not want to remove, hold Ctrl and click that clip again to deselect it.



    If you want to start with a fresh storyboard, you can select all clips for deletion by clicking on one clip, and then pressing Ctrl+A to select all the other clips. Even the storyboard clips that don't currently appear on your screen are selected.

  5. Select Edit, Delete

    Your selected clip or clips disappear from the storyboard when you select Delete once again from the Edit menu.

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