100 Install Microsoft Plus Digital Media Edition (DME)

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100 Install Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition (DME)

Before You Begin

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The Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition increases the amount of things you can do with your multimedia work. Consider some of these benefits you get when you obtain the DME:

  • Photos ” Add narration, music, and photo effects before you share your digital photos with others. Movie Maker users can use the photos inside their movies.

  • Music ” Enjoy a music jukebox that plays your digital music. You can also use the DME to record old LPs and cassettes to digital music so you can use them for your movie soundtracks .

  • Movies ” The DME adds 50 new transitions and special video effects to Movie Maker.

  • Portable devices ” Use the DME to download the latest news and music to your PocketPC device. Including the Movie Maker movies you make for your PocketPC, the DME enables you to take your entire entertainment system with you when you're on the go.


It's obvious how the new movie special effects and transitions will help Movie Maker users, but the other benefits are available as well.

  1. Insert CD and Click Next

    Insert the DME CD in your CD drive. Click Next to start the installation routine.

  2. Read and Accept License

    Read the legal license (if you're so inclined!) that appears.

  3. Click Next

    Click Next to move from the license dialog box to the privacy agreement.

  4. Review and Accept Agreement

    Read the DME privacy agreement and click to indicate that you've reviewed the agreement.

  5. Click Next

    Click Next to move from the privacy agreement to continue with the installation routine.

  6. Click Install

    Click the Install button to begin the installation.

  7. Click Next

    Click Next to activate your DME.



    You'll need an online connection for the activation. Also, grab the DME's box, because you'll need to type the product key that appears on the back of the box.

  8. Type Product Key

    Type the product key found on the back of the DME CD box.

  9. Click Next to Activate and Continue to Start the Tour

    Click the Next button to activate your copy of the DME. Click Next once again to move from the activation dialog box to the end of the installation routine. If you want to view a tour of the Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition, click the Finish button to start the tour.

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