Managing the New Solaris Environment

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The management tools and utilities used to monitor the environment should integrate with the existing management policies and procedures. Management processes like trouble ticket reporting should most likely remain independent of the new vendor platform. However, certain processes, such as change management, could be affected by the introduction of operational platforms that support dynamic reconfiguration or hot swapping.

Once the production environment is in place, you can install any tools or agents required to integrate the new environment with the existing management architecture.

In our example, BMC Patrol is installed and configured on the new platform.

Delivering Training Requirements

System administrators must be able to manage the new environment. You identified areas in which training was required when you assessed the people and process of the IT organization. Enrolment in and delivery of training may be scheduled at any time during the migration effort, but should be structured to minimize the impact on existing IT operations. For example, all the operators cannot take training at the same time, because a certain number of them must provide operational support to the production environment.

In our example, no training was required because the operators were already supporting similar technologies. However, training may be required in areas such as these:

  • Storage configuration

  • Volume management

  • Cluster operation

  • Dynamic reconfiguration

  • Resource management

  • Database configuration and administration

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Migrating to the Solaris Operating System
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