Chapter 11. Migrating From the HPUX Platform

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Chapter 11. Migrating From the HP/UX Platform

The case study presented in this chapter draws on several cases in which Sun Professional Services migrated customers from HP/UX platforms to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The most significant of these projects involved the migration of one of the United Kingdom's (UK's) leading personal-line insurance companies. This customer was a typical UK-based health care insurance provider in that they primarily sold to corporate benefits managers, but dealt directly with claimants. This organization deployed a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integrated- accounts solution, and enhanced it to support their risk- underwriting and claims-processing business functions. The primary goals of the project were as follows :

  • To provide a hardware platform that supported business growth over the proposed lifetime of the platform

  • To support the business functionality inherent within the COTS package

  • To transition to the target production platform without losing time from the business day

Additionally, the customer was in the middle of a one-year transformation from a legacy application, driving renewals from the legacy system and renewing the customers in the system to be migrated. The customer decided to change the hardware platform to extend the life of the software investment decision. The migration solution we provided needed to be designed in the light of these business goals.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • "Justifying the Migration" on page 206

  • "Architecting the Migration Solution" on page 208

  • "Implementing the Migration to the Solaris Operating System" on page 214

  • "Managing the New Solaris Environment" on page 226

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