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You may have noticed that the SimpleMUD has a "training handler" but the BetterMUD does not. This is because there is no need for a specific handler for modifying statistics. As you'll see later on, the BetterMUD doesn't have such a rigid reward/editing system, and you can use logic modules to edit stats. Instead of going into a trainer and adding points to your strength, you could have a logic module that would be attached to a trainer, and when you pay him, he'll increase your strength through his logic module.

This has been a very quick overview of the networking system for the BetterMUD. I didn't really go over too much code, but that's mostly because so much of the code is based on the same concepts you learned in the SimpleMUD. I find long explanations of code very boring, and you probably do too. So this is enough about networking. It's time to get to the real meat of the BetterMUD!

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MUD Game Programming (Premier Press Game Development)
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