Chapter 5. Data Consumption and Throughput

Terms you'll need to understand:

bcp command

BULK INSERT statement


Format file

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Business Intelligence Development Studio

Service Broker

Synchronous model

Asynchronous model

Service Broker queue

Service Broker dialogue

Service Broker contract

Service Broker service

Techniques you'll need to master:

Using BCP to export data to a file

Importing data by using a format file (BCP, BULK INSERT, and OPENROWSET)

Creating services and contracts by using Service Broker

Communicating between applications by using Service Broker

There are many ways to get data into and out of a database. Traditional tools for loading and unloading data with SQL Server are still commonly used today. In addition, newer applications and implementations continue to grow in a diverse manner. New functionality and technology continue to give us different ways of accessing data. This chapter first discusses the old tools and then progresses through SQL Server functionality by discussing some of the newest techniques and features. Everything from bulk processes to the use of the Service Broker handles aspects of maneuvering data throughout the environment.

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