Question 32

Answer C is correct. This is a perfect situation for sending a recordset to the client machine that can then be used by the front-end application to show only the data needed. XML provides a mechanism by which the data is shipped to the client, resides in the background of the client machine, and is presented by the front end in any manner desired. SCHEMABINDING refers only to SQL Server objectsspecifically tables, views, and user-defined functions. An XML schema cannot be bound in this manner. XML resides in memory and is processed against its own internal set of rules, referred to as a schema. An XML schema interacts directly with the data to supply logic and display attributes on the user's browser. HTML does not have the required functionality.

For more information, see the following sources:

  • Chapter 4, "Supporting the XML Framework"

  • SQL Server 2005 Books Online: "SQL Server Database Engine, Using XML in SQL Server"

  • "XML Options in Microsoft SQL Server 2005,"

  • "XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005,"

  • Within MSDN Library, go to MSDN Home, MSDN Library, Servers and Enterprise Development, SQL Server, XML Best Practices for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

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