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Comparison of the presented methods of information processing in credit scoring system—cost analysis.

When evaluating credit application, a credit inspect or follows four procedural steps:

  1. input of data, supplied by applying customer

  2. evaluation of objective and subjective factors

  3. scoring—based on worksheet tables

  4. verification of calculations

The documents are furthermore passed to an authority that, after the second verification of submitted materials, is eligible to refuse or grant a credit.

The system proposed in this article significantly reduces the time of inputting the data to application form sheet.

Evaluation of subjective factors is a tedious and time-consuming task. This evaluation can be, however, decomposed into elementary objective choices, although it leads to a significant increase of the number off actors to be considered. Again, the time of the analysis is unfavorably impacted. Bayesian networks are free from this drawback—time of the analysis is negligible when compared with the scoring table method.

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