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Achieve integration between the platform-independent technologies J2EE and .NET. Technically reviewed by both Microsoft and Sun technologists, this one-of-a-kind resource provides solutions to cross-platform communications between business partners and the transmission of mission-critical enterprise data. Using a case study to provide a framework, computer science professor Dwight Peltzer examines the many technical issues arising from integrating J2EE and .NET, offering practical solutions, advice, and best practices that can be put to use by working IT professionals and developers. Packed with explanations of each technology—and how they work together—this focuses resource will help you successfully integrate J2EE and .NET technologies.

  • Migrate to e-business with integrated software development
  • Work with various languages, including Visual Basic .NET, C++, and C#
  • Design scalable and multitiered distributed applications
  • Utilize the full complement of Java technologies
  • Accommodate any business model requirement
  • Support Web component development
  • Examine the .NET Framework, including SQL Server, ADO.NET, Visual Studio .NET, Common Language Runtime, Common Type Specification, Common Language Specification, and more
  • Survey J2EE architecture, learn how to create dynamic Web pages, and achieve enterprise application integration
  • Compare technologies and discover common characteristics as well as advantages of interoperability

About the Authors

Dwight Peltzer is a well-known author, consultant, and lecturer on Java-based J2EE technologies, the .NET Framework, and the Microsoft suite of server products.

.NET & J2EE Interoperability
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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