co_error co_signal_wait(co_signal signal,                         int32 *ip); 

Header File



This function waits for a message on a signal. This function must be called from within a process run function.


The arguments for co_signal_wait are as follows:

co_signal signal

A pointer to a signal as passed on the process argument list.

int32 *ip

A pointer to a 32-bit local variable that will receive the message value.

Return Value

Returns co_err_none on success or co_err_unknown if there was an error during desktop simulation.


The co_signal_wait function blocks (waits) until a message has been posted to the signal by another process using co_signal_post.

Note also that any number of processes can wait on a given signal, but only one process receives and consumes the signal and its value. The first process to receive the signal consumes it, and any other waiting processes continue to wait until another signal is posted.

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