AppendixC.Impulse C Function Reference

Appendix C. Impulse C Function Reference

Impulse C is a library of predefined functions that extend the ANSI standard C language in support of parallel programming and programming for hardware and reconfigurable software/hardware processing targets. As such, it includes functions related to processes, streams, signals, and memories, as well as functions related to bit manipulations and bit-accurate arithmetic. Additional functions allow you to set up and monitor your application for simulation. The Impulse C library includes the following:

  • Stream-related functions (prefixed with co_stream_) that allow you to open, close, read, and write streams and check for the end of a stream or an error indicator.

  • Process- and memory-related functions (prefixed with co_process_ and co_memory_, respectively) that allow you to create the major processing elements of your application, to start and stop processing, and to store and access data, either locally or shared.

  • Signal-related functions (co_signal_post and co_signal_wait) that allow you to synchronize processes through the use of messages. (One process posts an event, and another process waits for that event to be posted.)

  • Bit manipulation functions (such as co_bit_insert) that allow you to insert and extract bits and perform other bitwise operations.

  • Simulation-related functions (prefixed with cosim_) that allow you to instrument your application and gain quick access to internal application data during desktop simulation.

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