18.7 Security Information Management

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SIM tools collect, normalize, reduce, analyze, and correlate various logs from across the enterprise. Security events are collected from virtually all devices producing log files, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and antivirus tools, as well as servers and applications.

First, the log records are converted into a common format (normalization), often using the XML format. Second, they are intelligently reduced in size (aggregation), categorized into various types, and transmitted to a central collection point (usually a relational database) for storage and further analysis. Additionally, the events may be correlated using rule-based and statistical correlation.

Finally, the events are displayed using a real-time graphical console. Tools such as netForensics (http://www.netForensics.com) can process many thousands of incoming security events per second and correlate them in real time, as well as providing long- term trending and analyzing capabilities.

Such tools allow real-time analysis of and response to vast quantities of events. They enable enterprises to gain awareness of what is going on in their IT environments, as well as to become aware of the threats they face.

However, collection of events from millions of devices deployed all over the world might be out of range even for such powerful tools. Still some experts believe that many new attacks might be predicted if devices from diverse locations in the world were logging to a central location. Thus, global log aggregation is needed.

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