Game Designers Are Visionaries

You are the Creator, the life giver, and “God” of your game.

The game is a dream running inside your head that needs to be expressed to others. Publishers, developers (producers, programmers, graphic artists, and audio specialists), and even yourself need to see written documentation describing your fantastic vision, your concept. You need to map out the playing field, describe the rules and features that make your concept unique and special, and resolve the potential unknown and empty areas (an area of unforeseen paths).

No one else can make these “God-like” judgements and additions to your vision. Your decisions should be free from technology, free from any limitations of the developer’s ability, and able to go outside the boundaries of today’s thinking. This is your innovation, your vision, your genius.

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
ISBN: 1556229739
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 179

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