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Merant creates software for managing digital assets, enhancing team collaboration, and business decision support. They focus on protecting and tracking multiple uses of software, content, and intellectual property. PVCS lets you manage software changes across all platforms from one repository with one tool and offers end-to-end change management across the broadest range of digital assets—applications, code, and content.

PVCS Professional combines PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Tracker, and PVCS Configuration Builder into a single suite for software configuration management (SCM). PVCS Professional enables teams of any size to protect software assets, automate development tasks, and manage the many changes and issues involved in team development.

PVCS Version Manager is the industry standard for version control in team development environments. It organizes, manages, and protects software assets during revision and promotes team collaboration. PVCS Version Manager is integrated with numerous development environments and tools.

PVCS Tracker captures, manages, and communicates changes, issues, and tasks, providing basic process control to ensure coordination and communication within and across development and content teams at every step.

PVCS Configuration Builder ensures that applications can be reliably built in a reproducible manner, ensuring components from the same version are used.

PVCS Dimensions tightly integrates SCM (software configuration management) functions under process definition and enforcement to automatically manage workflow and change implementation.

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
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Year: 2003
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