Sound Ideas SFX Collection

The General Series 6000

The Series 6000 ($1,495) contains general sound effects libraries on 40 CDs with more than 7,500 sound effects (more than 50 hours of recorded sound), including sound effects of animals and birds, construction, crowds, fire, household, industry, military, office, sports, transportation, and weather.

The General Series 6000 Extension I

The Series 6000 Extension I ($795) contains more general sound effects libraries on 20 CDs with more than 3,200 sound effects.

The General Series 6000 Extension II

The Series 6000 Extension II ($495) contains more general sound effects libraries on ten CDs with sound effects including popular and practical items and ambiences, plus a comprehensive set of snowmobiles and contemporary telephone sounds—cellular, cordless, electronic, and pagers.


Air Conditioners, Air Releases, Aircraft Carriers, Airplanes, Alarms, Autos, Axes, Balloons, Barns


Bees, Bells, Boats, Bone Breaks, Can Punctures, City Ambiences, Clocks, Computers, Crashes, Crowds


Crowds, Crunches, Doors, Drops, Electricity, Elevators, Explosions, Film Clappers, Fire, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Forest Ambiences


Glass Sounds, Golf Carts, Guns, Ricochets, Shotguns and Silencers, Helicopters, Horses, Hospital Monitors, Human Hits, Ice Picks, Industrial Sounds


Industrial Sounds, Lawn Tractors, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Sounds, Motors, Motorcycles, Music


Parades, Plastic Sounds, Plumbing, Police Scooters, Projectors, Radar, Radios, Rain, Ratchets, Refrigerators, Rips, Rock Sounds, Rockets, Roller Coasters, Room Tones, Scrapes, Shovels, Sirens, Snowballs


A full CD of Snowmobile Sounds—Singles, Groups, Polaris, Vintage, and Yamaha


Squishes, Steam, Strobe Flashes, Subways, Suction, Swishes, Telemetry, Cellular Telephones, Novelty Phones, Cordless Telephones, Electronic Telephone Rings and Internal Signals, Teleconference Phones, Pagers


Toboggans, Trains, Trucks, Wagons, Water Sounds


Water Sounds, Weather, Werewolves, Western Ambiences, Whooshes, Wind, Wood Sounds

The General Series 6000 Extension III

The Series 6000 Extension III ($495) contains more general sound effects libraries on ten CDs with sound effects, including all-terrain vehicles, automobiles and guns, plus a spectacular selection of weapons, battles, horror, crashes, smashes, crowds, doors, explosions, hits, vehicles, swishes, and whooshes.

Series 1000 General Sound Effects Library

The Series 1000 SFX ($595) is on 28 CDs that contain over 3,000 sound effects in a wide variety of categories.






Airports, Archery, Applause, Automobiles




Baseball, Bells, Bicycles, Cameras, Clocks


Birds, Boxing, Buzzers


Children, Computers




Construction, Crashes, Crowds, Doors, Drawbridges




Electronics, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Exercise


Explosions, Fairs, Farms, Football, Fire, Guns


Footsteps, Foreign Sounds, Gambling, Golf


Helicopters, Horns, Hockey, Glass Sounds


Household Sounds


Human Sounds, Jungles, Laboratory, Laughter, Logging


Indians, Industry


Naval Boats, Ships, Motorcycles


Military Battles, Guns, Harps


Musical and Percussion Instruments


Musical and Percussion Instruments


Office, Country Sounds, Parades


Pinball, Post Offices, Projectors, Pumps, Rodeos, Restaurants, Roller Coasters


Service Stations, Sirens, Snowmobiles, Space Sounds


Stores, Swimming, Subways, Telephones


Rain, Thunder, Tennis, Taxis, Trains, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Vendors


Traffic, Trucks, Buses


Water, Whistles, Wind, Zippers

Series 2000 General Sound Effects Library

The Series 2000 SFX ($695) is on 22 CDs that contain stereo sound effects in a wide variety of categories.


European FX: Ambiences, Crowds, Automobiles


Fire Engine and Police Sirens, Hand Guns, Police Station Ambiences, Rain, Swimming Pools, Traffic


Traffic, European Telephones, Horses, Trains, Restaurants, Fairs, Crowds


Airplanes, Animals, Automobiles


Applause, Crowds, Laughter




Residential Ambiences, Door Bells, Broadcast News, Sports and Weather, Birds, Buses, Cameras, Automobile Skids, Squeals and Crashes, Demolition Sounds


Children, Clocks


Chainsaws, Construction


Dentist Sounds, Doors, Explosions, Fire and Fireworks, Guns, Arcades, Fairs and Roller Coasters


Footsteps—Stone, Concrete, Pavement, Dirt, Grass, Hardwood, Leaves, Linoleum, Metal, Sand


Footsteps—Sand, Snow, Water, Wood, Metal and Garbage, Farm and Tractor Sounds, Babies, Punches


Helicopters, Hospitals, Squeaks, Sirens, Alarms


Household and Industrial Sounds


Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Lawn Trimmers and Mowers


Boats, Marine Sounds, Newsroom and Office Sounds


Musical and Percussion Instruments, Whistles, Noisemakers


Rain, Thunder, Bar and Restaurant Ambiences, Soda Fountains


Space Sounds, Shopping Malls, Stores


Sports, Military Tanks, Cannons and Battles


Traffic, Trucks


Water, Zippers

XV Series Multi-Platform SFX Library

XV Series Multi-Platform SFX Library ($795) has more that 3,000 sound effects in over 60 major categories, each of the 15 volumes in red book CD audio format, as well as CD-ROM format containing WAV and MP3 files for both PC and Macintosh systems on 30 CDs.


Air and Air Valves, Airplanes, Airport Ambiences, Animals


Animals, Arrows, Automobiles, Axes, Balloons, Bells, Bicycles, Birds, Boats


Boats, Bodyfalls and Bone Breaks, Boxes, Buses, Cameras, Canoes, Cards, Cartoon Sounds, Cases, Cash Registers and Casino Sounds


Chainsaws, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coins, Construction, Plastic and Styrofoam Containers, Country Ambiences, Ceiling and Wood Cracks, Crashes, Wooden Crates


Crowd Sounds, Debris, Dentist Sounds, Deposit Boxes, Doors


Doors, Drops, Earthquakes, Electrical Panels and Electricity, Elevators, Exercise Equipment, Explosions, Fair Ambiences, Farm Tractors, Fire Sounds and Equipment, Fireworks, Flags, Flame Throwers, Footsteps


Footsteps, Forest Ambiences, Burning Fuses, Gas Station Sounds, Gavels, Geiger Counters, Glass Sounds, Golf Carts, Gun Sounds, Handcuffs, Heartbeats


Helicopters, Horror and Vampires, Hospital Sounds, Household Sounds


Household Sounds, Human Sounds, Ice, Impacts, Industry Sounds, Insects


Jet Packs, Jet Skis, Jukeboxes, Jungle Ambiences, Kayaks, Ladders, Lighters, Lipstick Tubes, Locks, Manhole Covers, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Microphones, Military Sounds, Morse Code, Motors


Motorcycles, Mountain Ambiences, Music, Newspaper Boxes, Office Sounds


Office Sounds, Parades, Pinball, Police Station Sounds, Popcorn Makers, Film and Slide Projectors, Radar Sweeps, Radio Sounds, Restaurant Ambiences, Robot Motors, Rock Falls, Roller Coasters, Room Tones, Safes and Vaults, School Ambiences, Sci-Fi Sounds, Sculls, Servo Movements


Sirens, Snowmobiles, Sports, Stereo Equipment, Stock Exchange Ambiences, Street Sweepers, Suits of Armour, Swimming, Swishes, Swords and Sword Fights, Tape Cueing, Telemetry, Telephones


Teletype Machines, Toboggans, Tombstones, Toys, Traffic Ambiences, Trains, Tree Falls, Trucks, Turnstiles


Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Recorders, Volcanoes, Wagons, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Weather, Wheelchairs, Whips, Whistles, Whooshes, Zippers

BBC Sound Effects Library 1-40

The BBC Sound Effects Library ($595) is on 40 CDs containing sound effects like exterior atmospheres, household, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor, communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, equestrian events, livestock, agricultural machinery, horses, dogs, schools, and crowds.

BBC 01

BBC Sound Effects

BBC 02

Exterior Atmospheres

BBC 03


BBC 04

Interior Backgrounds

BBC 05


BBC 06

Animals and Birds

BBC 07

Human Crowds, Children, and Footsteps

BBC 08

Comedy, Fantasy, and Humor

BBC 09


BBC 10


BBC 11


BBC 12

British Birds

BBC 13


BBC 14


BBC 15

Natural Atmospheres

BBC 16


BBC 17

Sport and Leisure

BBC 18


BBC 19

Electronically Generated Sounds

BBC 20

Weather I

BBC 21

Weather II

BBC 22

Ships and Boats I

BBC 23

Ships and Boats II

BBC 24


BBC 25


BBC 26


BBC 27


BBC 28


BBC 29

Africa: The Human World

BBC 30

Africa: The Natural World

BBC 31

Equestrian Events

BBC 32


BBC 33

Adventure Sports

BBC 34

Livestock I

BBC 35

Livestock II

BBC 36

Farm Machinery

BBC 37

Horses I

BBC 38

Horses II and Dogs

BBC 39

Schools and Crowds

BBC 40


BBC Sound Effects Library 41-60

The BBC Sound Effects Library, second edition ($395), consists of sound effects and ambiences from around the world on 20 CDs with sound effects like trains, steam transport and steam engines, “do it yourself” handyman and construction sounds, domestic cats and more British birds, emergency services—burglar alarms, police, fire and ambulance sounds, crowd ambiences, everyday sounds from the surburbs, two CDs of footsteps, and nine new CDs of international sounds and ambiences from countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

BBC 41


BBC 42

The Age of Steam

BBC 43

D.I.Y. and Building

BBC 44


BBC 45

“Dial 999”

BBC 46


BBC 47

British Birds II

BBC 48


BBC 49


BBC 50


BBC 51


BBC 52

Exterior Atmospheres II: British Rural BG

BBC 53

India and Nepal: City Life

BBC 54

India, Pakistan, and Nepal: Countryside

BBC 55

Footsteps I

BBC 56

Footsteps II

BBC 57

Urban South America

BBC 58

Rural South America

BBC 59


BBC 60

The Czech Republic and Slovakia

The International Sound Effects Library

The International Sound Effects Library ($595) has more than 2,500 sound effects on 28 CDs, more than 35 hours of recorded sound including Animals (three CDs), Business (two CDs), Civic (one CD), Domestic (one CD), Entertainment (one CD), Gimmicks (one CD), Humans (five CDs), Machinery (two CDs), Nature (one CD), Ranch (one CD), Sport (three CDs), Transportation (six CDs), and War (one CD).

De Wolfe Sound Effects Library

The De Wolfe Sound Effects Library ($795) is a digital sound library with over 2000 effects on 23 CDs. Along with a wide selection of ambiences, transportation, domestic, and comedy sounds are unique sounds like sailing an 18th-century clipper ship, the inside ambience of a Zeppelin, and Harrier jets on the attack.

DW 01


DW 02


DW 03


DW 04

Comedy 1

DW 05

Comedy 2

DW 06


DW 07

Domestic 1

DW 08

Domestic 2

DW 09

Interior Atmospheres

DW 10


DW 11


DW 12


DW 13


DW 14

Exterior Atmospheres

DW 15

Period Transport

DW 16

Interior Crowds

DW 17

Period Warfare

DW 18

Human Sounds

DW 19


DW 20


DW 21

D.I.Y. 1

DW 22

D.I.Y. 2

DW 23

Wild Animals and Tropical Atmospheres

De Wolfe Classic Sound Effects Library

The De Wolfe Classic Sound Effects Library ($395) has over 1,000 effects on six CDs.

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #1:

Metal Workshop

Vice, Hammer, File, Hacksaw, Gas Torches, Lathe, Brazing Brass


Screwdrivers, Drills, Gauges, Coping Saws, Handsaw, Tenon Saw, Electric Saw, Electric Jigsaw, Electric Drill, Wood and Jack Planes, Sandpapering, Hammering Nails, Wood Lathe

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #2:


Music Jingles and Instrument Accents, Whistles, Stings and Musical Transitions, Comedy Effects and Accents, Bounces, Crashes and Smashes, Pops, Whizzes and Whooshes, Squelches and Splats, Cartoon Effects

Toys and Amusements

Train, Tank, Submarine, Space Ship, Robot and Mechanical Toys, Pogo Stick, Slot Machines, Roulette Wheels

Percussive Sounds

Wooden, Metal, Glass, China and Paper Sounds, Lighter Flicks, Money, Scissors, Zippers, Balloons

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #3:


Boeing 707, V.C. 10, Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Boeing 727, Tristar, Hawker Harrier Vertical Take-Off Jet, Hunterfighter, Formation Flying, Tiger Moth, Beaver, Pioneer, Cessna 175, Westland Scout Helicopter

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #4:

Rally Cars

Multiple Engine and Driving FX for 11 different vehicles, ranging from 1000 cc 4 cylinder to 4,000 cc 6 cylinder, Multiple Car and Hot Rod Pass Bys for Brands Hatch and Silverstone Races

American FX

Crowds, Gambling Ambiences, Games, Pistol and Rifle Ricochets, Indian Attacks, Telephone Sounds, Bar, Restaurant and Party Atmospheres, Rocket Launch and Communications, Vehicles and Traffic, Police Sirens and Cars, Fire Engines and Stations, Niagara Falls

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #5:

The Elements

Weather and Natural Reactions, Thunder Claps, Rain, Volcanos, Fires, Wind, Rough Seas, Streams, Rivers and Floods

Wild Animal FX

Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Panther, Cheetah, Grey Gibbons, Monkey House and Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Gorilla, Deer, Camels, Sea Lions, Crocodiles, Hippos, Flamingos, Elephants, Huskies and Dogs, Bull, Rhinos, Stampede, Jungle, Swamp and Forest Atmospheres

De Wolfe Classic FX CD #6:


Electric Plugs and Appliances, Cleaning Sounds, Family Pets, Household Sounds, Water and Fixture Sounds, TV Sets and Radios, Light Switches and Doors, Food Preparation


Fabrication, Factory and Assembly Shop Atmospheres, Machines, Annealing Furnace, Machine Shop Sounds and Atmosphere

Renaissance SFX Library

Renaissance SFX Library ($1,195) has Dolby Surround to deliver all four channels of sound on 11 CDs that have sound effects of ambiences, isolated sounds, voices, and musical instruments.

CD #1:

World Ambiences

CD #2:

Sounds From Nature

CD #3:

Special Environments

CD #4:

Impact FX

CD #5:

Voice FX

CD #6:

Emotional Voices

CD #7:

Music Tools

CD #8:

Subwoofer FX. Incredible low frequency effects, specifically designed by Renaissance Sound Technologies or the LFE channel in 5.1 production

CD #9:

Rhythmical Tools. Perfectly loopable electronic FX and acoustic rhythmical sounds—the loops include dramatic rhythm textures and are all recorded in a deep moving surround motion.

CD #10:

Dramatic String Textures. A full acoustical production—real immersive acoustic string performances, recorded with Renaissance proprietary miking techniques for a real natural “being there” sensation

CD #11:

Strings and Chords. Use this acoustic string and chord set to create your surround sound tracks—all tracks have been recorded in natural RCE surround technique for maximum compatibility with drama strings textures.

Platinum Sounds for the 21st Century

Platinum Sounds for the 21st Century ($995) is on ten CDs that have sound effects of animals, electricity and static, industrial (double disc), metal, science fiction (double disc), supernatural, transportation, and water.




Electricity and Static


Industrial #1


Industrial #2




Science Fiction #1


Science Fiction #2







Audio Pro European Sound Effects Library

The Audio Pro Sound Effects ($795) has 18 CDs of sound effects like nature, animals, airplanes and airports, trains and stations, transportation, traffic, crowds and industry, leisure and entertainment, tools, offices, communications, cameras, household, clocks, room tones, bells, sports, war, human solo, human groups, music samples, science fiction, cartoons, and footsteps.

AP1 Sounds of Nature




Airplanes, Airport


Trains, Station


Transportation #1


Transportation #2




Crowds, Industry


Leisure, Entertainment


Tools, Office, Communications




Household, Clocks, Tools


Room Tones


Bells, Sports, War


Human: Solo


Human: Groups, Solo, Crowds


Music Samples, Science Fiction


Cartoon, Footsteps

Digiffects Sound Effects Library

Digiffects offers 17 distinct collections of more than 13,000 effects for a total of 118 unique and fully digital CDs ($50 per CD). This wide-ranging collection offers American and European alternatives on things like sirens, crowds, and telephones.

Amadeus Sound Effects Library

Amadeus Sound Effects Library ($495) is on five CDs with sound effects like applause, audience walla, horse and carriage effects, human voices, theatrical effects, and a host of other sound effects that re-create the 18th-century world of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

20th Century Fox SFX Library

The 20th Century Fox Corporation SFX Library ($595) has ten CDs with over 1,350 sound effects.


Antique Autos, Auto Crashes, Ferraris, Hot Rods, Model Ts, Stock Car Races, Auto Skids


Airplanes, Animals, Arrows, Archery, Crowds, Baseball, Battles


Bells, Bodyfalls, Cartoon Boings, Boxing Crowds, Cameras, Carnivals, Catapults, Crashes, Crowds


Drawbridge, Earthquakes, Electronics, Explosions, Fight Scenes, Bar Fights, Fires and Fire Trucks, Flame Throwers, Professional Football


Glass Smashes, Cannons, Firearms, Handcuffs, Naval Horns, Horses and Stagecoaches


Human Hits, Jail Doors, Jungles, Knife Stabs, Knife Throws, Metal Hits


Motorcycle Gangs, Vintage Motorcycles, Office Ambiences, Parachutes, Police Radios, Ratchets, Record Scratches, Rockets, Sand Storms, Ship Signals, Ship SONAR, Space Shuttles


Air Raid Sirens, Ship Sirens, Snowmobiles, Artillery Soldiers, Cavalry Soldiers, Soldiers Marching, Roman Soldiers, Green Hornet Stings, Submarines, Submarine Control Rooms, Submarine Torpedoes, Sword Fights


Military Tanks, Telegraphs, Telephones, Thunder, Period Traffic, Trains

TCF 10

Steam Trains, Trolleys, Military Trucks, Underwater Sounds, Western Streets, Police Whistles

Lucasfilm SFX Library

The Lucasfilm SFX Library ($495) is a six-CD set.

Produced By Lucasfilm:

Produced By Sound Ideas:

LF01 Animal Sounds

LF04 Aircraft Carrier

LF02 Elements (Wind, Rain, Fire)

LF05 Helicopter & Private Jet

LF03 Industry Sounds

LF06 Porsche 911 & Corvette

Universal Studios SFX Library

Universal Studios SFX Library ($495) has over 1,000 sound effects on five CDs.


Single Prop Airplanes, Biplanes, Triplanes, Twin Prop Airplanes, Four Engine Airplanes, Eight Engine Airplanes, Airport Ambience


Aviation, Animals, Avalanches, Human Bodyfalls, Boxing, Comedy, Crashes


Doors, Electricity, Explosions, Fires, Human Hits, Horns, Knife Throws, Metal Hits, Face Punches, Space Doors, Space Gun Shots, Spaceships, Swords, Telegraphs, Underwater Sounds, Volcanoes, Werewolves, Whips


Grenades, Military Cannons, Rockets, Whistle Bombs, Explosions, Depth Charges, Torpedoes, Submarines, Tanks, Swords, Sword Fights, Marching, Hand Guns, Muskets, Rifles, Ricochets, Machine Guns, Military Battles


Steam Trains, Indians, Western Battles, Stagecoaches, Horses Walking, Horses Trotting, Horses Cantering, Horses Galloping, Cavalry Horses

Turner Entertainment Co. SFX Library

Turner Entertainment Co. SFX Library ($395) has three CDs and contains over 500 sound effects.


Airplanes, Ambulances, Animals, Cartoon Sounds, Creatures, Monsters, Archery, Auto Crashes, Auto Races, Civil War Battles, Revolutionary Battles, Sci-Fi Battles, Western Battles, World War II Battles


Crowds, Doors, Earthquakes, Electronics, Explosions, Karate, Sci-Fi Fights, Handguns, Machine Guns, Sci-Fi Guns, Gun Silencers, Western Guns, Human Hits, Horror


Parachutes, Sci-Fi Sounds, Ships, Spaceships, Storms, Air Raid Sirens, Sword Fights, Military Tanks, Steam Trains, Time Machine, Volcanoes, Weather, Winds

Disney Ideas

The Disney Ideas ($99) single CD contains over 150 sound effects like ambiences, animals, sports, transportation, machinery, cartoon sounds, and special effects.

Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library

The Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library ($495) has more than 2,200 effects on four CDs.


Arrows, Military Battles, Bites, Bloods, Beings, Blinks, Bounces, Branch Breaks, Bubbles, Crashes, Glass Crashes, Metal Crashes, Tree Crashes, Wood Crashes, Metal Doors, Drums, Explosions, Body Falls, Falls, Debris Falls, Ski Falls, Fishing Reels, Flops, Gazobs, Handguns, Machine Guns, Rifles, Rifle Fogey, Hammers, Head Shakes, Hits, Metal Hits, Human Hits, Wood Hits, Hops, Horns, Pianos, Plungers, Poof, Pops, Ratchets, Rattles, Rasbora, Ricochets, Roller Skates, Runs, Rock Scrapes, Shakes, Skis, Auto Skids, Slides, Glass Smashes, Spins, Splats, Sputters


Squeaks, Squirts, Steam Sounds, Stretches, Rope Stretches, Swishes, Swooshes, Swords, Teeth, Thuds, Thumps, Tip Toes, Trumpets, Twangs, Twirls, Water Splashes, Underwater Sounds, Wobbles, Zips, Zonks, Zooms, Animals and Birds


Magic, Electricity, Electronic Sounds, Jetsons’ Doorbell, Sci-Fi Sounds, Titan Rocket Blast Off, Spaceship Sounds, Flying Saucer Sounds, Jetsons’ Space Capsule Sounds, Jet Pack Sounds, Tube Sounds, Spacey Swooshes, Avalanches, Earthquakes, Fires, Rockslides, Thunder, Water Sounds, Wind


Airplanes, Jet Airplanes, Prop Airplanes, Autos, Tire Squeals, Jet Boats, Helicopters, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Steam Trains, Computers, Impact Wrenches, Machines, Motors, Presses, Pumps, Crowds, Kisses, Screams

Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures

The Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures collection ($99) has more than 350 effects on one CD.


Basketball, Bites, Cameras, Crashes, Crowds, Explosions, Flame Throwers, Footsteps, Growls, Hits, Bulb Horns, Laughter, Magic, Pops, Rattles, Sci-Fi Sounds, Splats, Squeaks, Cockpit Switches, Voices

Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library

Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library ($495) is on five CDs containing over 1,400 sound effects.


Airplanes, Bees, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Dogs, Donkeys, Ducks, Elephants, Farm Sounds, Horses, Monsters, Pigs, Pigeons, Sheep, Archery, Autos, Bells, Boings, Bonks, Bounces, Bubbles, Chatter, Crackles, Crashes, Creaks, Cymbals, Doors, Drums


Electricity, Falls, Footsteps, Gongs, Hits, Hops, Horns, Howls, Knocks, Lightning, Morse Code, Motors, Accordions, Fantasies, Pianos, Vibraphones, Violins, Xylophones, Panting, Pile Drivers, Plops, Plunger, Pops, Pumps, Punctures, Radios, Ratchets, Rattles, Saws, Sci-Fi Sounds, Scrapes, Sirens, Skids, Slides, Smashes, Snaps, Splats, Spray, Sputs, Swallows


Squeaks, Squirts, Stretches, Swimming, Swishes, Suction, Tears, Teeth, Telephones, Tightropes, Trains, Twangs, Vacuums, Washboards, Water Sounds, Whips, Whistles, Whizzes, Windows, Wipes, Wobbles, Woodpeckers, Zips, Blows, Breathing, Crowds, Cries, Gargles, Growls, Grunts, Gulps, Hiccups, Kisses, Laughter, Razzberries, Screams, Sighs, Sneezes, Sniffles, Snores, Spits, Throat Cuts, Whistles, Yawns, Yells


Airplanes, Bears, Fantasy Bees, Fantasy Birds, Creatures, Ducks, Balloons, Bells, Boings, Glass Bottles, Bounces, Bone Breaks, Burp Bubbles, Gag Bubbles, Lava Bubbles, Buzzes, Caverns, Coin Drops, Crackles, Crashes, Door Creaks, Crunches, Debris Falls, Drawbridges, Eating, Electricity, Electronic Sounds, Eruptions, Explosions, Body Falls, Thin Bubbles, Fireworks, Flicks, Footsteps, Ghosts, Heartbeats, Cardboard Hits, Metal Hits, Human Hits, Water Hits, Whap Hits, Wood Hits, Bulb Horns, Laboratory Sounds, Money Bags


Motors, Cartoon Peels, Pile Drivers, Pings, Poofs, Pouring from a Jug, Paper Punctures, Metal Rattles, Plastic Rattles, Wood Rattles, Cardboard Rips, Rockslides, Metal Rolls, Rumbles and Groans, Train Rumbles, Tube Rumbles, Saws, Sci-Fi Sounds, Metal Scrapes, Scratches, Shakes, Slides, Balloon Spins, Tube Spins, Winding Spins, Spooges, Glass Squeaks, Spin Squeaks, Water Squirts, Squishes, Plastic Stretches, Tube Stretches, Air Suction, Swishes, Swords, Water Cannons, Water Gurgles, Wind, Zips

The Sound Effects of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

The Sound Effects of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends ($395) are on three CDs containing 787 sound effects, featuring the well-known sounds of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha, Sherman and Peabody, Dudley Do-Right, Fractured Fairy Tales, and George of the Jungle.

RB01 Cartoon Sounds

Accents, Airplanes, Alarms, Animals, Automobiles, Battles, Bells, Birds, Boats, Boings, Boinks, Bonks, Bounces, Clocks, Crackles, Crashes, Creaks

RB02 Cartoon Sounds

Crowds, Crunches, Dishes, Doors, Drills, Drops, Drums, Electricity, Explosions, Fights, Flaps, Footsteps, Guns, Hits, Horns, Human Sounds, Jungle Ambiences

RB03 Cartoon Sounds

Machines, Motors, Music, Pops, Radar, Radio, Ratchets, Rattles, Rockets, Rumbles, Sci-Fi Sounds, Scrapes, Sirens, Skids, Slaps, Splats, Sprongs, Squeaks, Stretches, Swishes, Telephones, Trains, Twangs, Water Sounds, Whips, Whistles, Zips

Series 8000 Sci-Fi

Series 8000 Sci-Fi ($395) is on four CDs with more than 500 contemporary space and futuristic fantasy sound effects and ambiences, including alarms, spaceships, alien creatures, hatches and air locks, robotics, rockets, telemetry, weapons, and Challenger space shuttle launches.


Air Bursts, Alarms, Ambiences


Ambiences, Animals and Creatures, Avalanches, Battles, Communications, Computers, Docking Thrusters, Doors, Drains, Drones


Earthquake, Electricity, Energy Bursts, Explosions, Fires, Flybys, Footsteps, Freezer Chambers, Laser Guns and Beams, Phasers, Ray and Stun Guns, Dry Ice, Robotics, Scanners, Servos, Space Rockets and Shuttles


Spaceships, Simulators and Stations, Splats, Squeals, Telemetry, Torpedoes, Vortexes, Weapon Dischargers, Whooshes, Wind, Zips

Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 2

Series 8000 Sci-Fi Warp 2 ($395) continues on three CDs with sound effects.


Air Blasts, Air Locks, Alarms, Ambiences, Animals and Creatures, Battles, Bells, Black Holes, Communications, Computers, Control Rooms, Crowds


Doors, Shields and Hydraulics, Dopplers, Drones, Electricity, Electronic Pulses, Scrambles and Hits, Energy Bursts and Transformers, Explosions, Flybys, Force Fields, Laser Guns and Beams, Stun Guns, Electronic and Metal Hits, Laboratory Sounds


Photon Bursts, Plasma Capsules, Power Sources, Robotics, Rockets, Satellites, Scanners, Sensors, Servos, Space Pods, Ships and Stations, Switches, Telemetry, Time Warps, Transporters, Vortexes, Weapons, Whooshes, Zips

Designer Sound Library

The Designer Sound Library ($295) is on three CDs containing almost 700 sound effects like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Telemetry, Guns, Explosions, Hits, Thunder, Drones, Whooshes, Swishes, Glisses, Pulses, Zips, and Sparkles.


Radioactive ($250) is on two CDs that contain 200 eerie wave forms, pans, sweeps, phasers, communications, shimmers, bubbles, beeps, static, and monsters and apparitions like Space Monster Screams, Phaser Morph, Shimmering Space Bells, Ringing Soundscape, Space Ribbon with Whine, Time Travel Reverb, Shuttle Craft Engine Room, Steady Bubble Gyro Delay, Alien Tractor Beam Sequence, Evil Diablo Wave, Vortex Entry, Single Ray Gun Blast, Rumbling Wind Whoosh, Solar Wind and Waves, Predatory Black Hole, Phaser Wave Boomerang, Electric Tubescape, Distorted Space Guitar, Fading Bubble Chirp, and Galactic Spacescape Hum.

Science Fiction Sound Effects Library

The Science Fiction Sound Effects Library ($295) is on three CDs that contain a broad range of futuristic, space, alien, and creature sound effects and ambiences.

Spacefighter Duel and Selected Elements:

Flights and Attacks, Launches, Blastoffs, Flybys and Circling, Explosions, Battle, and a Roasted Toasted Alien

Ambience Effects and Action Effects and Scenes:

Space Hangar Ambiences, Spacefighter Strafing Runs and Flybys, Squadron Formations, Moon Landing Sequence, Starship Bridge and Warp Drive Sequence, Space and Blaster Battles, Lift-Off to Orbit Countdown, Re-Entry Sequence, Computer Room, Mad Scientist’s Laboratory, Laser Cannon Blasts, Alien Weather and Lightning Bolts, Horror Heartbeat, and Engine Room Ambience

Electronic Effects:

Bells, Bubble Up Effects, Communications and Telemetry, Beeps, Radio Bursts, Intercom Static and Space Radio Interference, Space Beacon, Warnings, Hand-Held Computers, Sine Waves, Warble, Electromagnetics, and Space Radio Tuning

Mechanical Effects:

Laser Bursts, Pneumatic Sliding Doors, Sinister Pulsating Machines, Vacuum Pump, Mechanical Computers, and Various Machine, Switch, and Motor Sounds

Weapons Effects:

Vindicator and Scavenger Weapons Fire, Spaceship Weapons Fire, Turbo Laser, Proton Torpedoes, Death Star Explosions, Hand Blasters, Hand Phasers, and other Weapons

Fantastic Creatures:

Alien Creature Mumbling, Cute Droid, Mean Little Creature, Alien Intelligence and Computer Speech, The Id Monster, Cantina Creatures, Robot, Gargle and Growl Monsters, Weird Thing, Mad Martian Mouse, White Fang, and other Robots and Alien Radio Drop Ins

Miscellaneous Effects:

Ominous Flying Saucer, Vibrations, Laser Tunnel Resonance, Radioactive Emanations, Disintegrator-Integrator Units, Launch and Catapult Effects, Meteor Showers, Personal Extra-Vehicular Thruster Units, Rumbles, Wails, Sirens and Sputters, Garbled or Coded Radio Communications, Phaser and Other Space Sounds

Soundscapes and Music:

Solar and Cosmic Storms, Flying Saucer Landings and Take-Offs, Close Encounter with Mothership, Glass Tones, Mental Projection, Dark Swells, Interdimensional Madness, Nightmare Terror and Radioactive Crying, Humourous Zombies, Kaleidoscope, and other Musical Compositions

Metropolis Sci-Fi Toolkit 1

This Science Fiction Toolkit ($129) on one CD contains a vast collection of whooshes, sweeps, releases, scans, accents, alerts, blasts, prompts, bleeps, whirls, flutters, synths, washes, impacts, lasers, sirens, pulses and buzzes, science fiction ambiences, and other electronic tools.

Metropolis Sci-Fi Toolkit 2

The Metropolis Science Fiction Toolkit II ($129) is on one CD that contains over 200 new sound effects never heard anywhere before, including great mechanical, ethereal, whoosh, metallic, static, and ambience effects, plus squeaks, scans, and scrapes.

Jurassic Dinosaurs

Jurassic Dinosaurs ($99) is a single CD.

Organic Creatures, Small to Large:

Mouse, Bird-Like, Chipmunk-Like, Mouse-Like, Dinosaur Hatchling, Small Animals, Classic Jungle Birds, Laughing Creature, Sheep or Goat-Like, Weird and Humorous Creature, Cat-Like Growls, Roars, Hisses and Snarls, Strange Jungle Animals, Complex Cries, Fluttering, Mournful and Haunted Wails, Heavy Breaths, Elephant-Like Trumpeting, Pig-Like Grunts, Nasal Trumpeting, Complex Dinosaur Battle Screams, Grunting Cries, Hoarse Growls, Alien Cries and Calls, Sneezes and Coughs, Cow-Like Moos, T-Rex Attack and Challenge Cries, Groans and Grunts, Honking Cries, Guttural Rumblings and Roars, Angry Dinosaur Growls and Grumbles

Organic Body and Environment:

Creature Footsteps on Various Surfaces, Impact Tremors, Thundering Stampede, Eating Cracks, Crunches and Snaps, Wing Flapping on Flying Creatures, Flying Insects, Plant Monster FX, Broken Foliage FX

Alien, Robotic, and Supernatural Creatures:

Android, Cyborg Language, Help Droidbot, Robot Footsteps and Servo Motor, Robot Start-Up, Overload, Electric Discharges, Radio Control Frequency and Squeaking Joints, Alien Creatures, Dragons, Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Ghost Vortexes, Classic Tinkerbell Winged Fairy

Drone Archeology

Drone Archeology ($129) is on one CD that contains 99 stereo drones, ranging from 32 to 64 seconds in length and has a 114-page accompanying booklet.

The Big Drone

The Big Drone ($129) is on two CDs and contains both simple and complex drones that have been designed to enhance many different kinds of scoring applications.

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn ($250) is on two CDs containing over 400 sound effects like Wood, Junk, Metal, Plastic and Rock, Bombs and Timers, Dynamite, Gas Explosions and Grenades, Fireballs, Chemical and Petroleum Fires, Firestorms and Fire Extinguishers, Forest and Building Fires, Guns, Bullets and Missiles, Torches and Ignitions, Window Breaks and Glass Smashes, Molotov Cocktails, Rumbles, Blasts, Debris, Building, Ceiling and Elevator Falls, Bodyfalls and Body Hits and Twisters.

PowerSurge 1

PowerSurge 1 ($250) is on two CDs containing electrical sparks, arcs and zaps, crashes, smashes, hits and punches, large impacts, guns and helicopters, electronic beeps and buttons, telemetry and computers, a full range of explosions, weather and natural disasters, and an entire galaxy of potent sci-fi FX, ambiences, and alternate realities.

PowerSurge 2

PowerSurge 2 ($250) is on two CDs and has more of the sound effects that PowerSurge 1 started.

Larger Than Life

The Larger Than Life SFX Library ($495) is on five CDs containing sound effects of explosions, gunfire, thunder, horror, crashes, and bangs.


Air Releases, Airplanes, Airport Control Towers, Archery, Augers


Automobiles, Auto Crashes and Skids, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Breaks, Crashes, Electricity, Explosions, Feedback, Fire Bursts, Flame Throwers, Glass Smashes, Hand Guns, Rifles


Body and Face Hits, Squishes, Horses, Industrial Machines, Metal Sounds


Radio Static, Rockets, Sci-Fi Sounds, Submarines, Sword Battles and Hits, Light Sabres


Tanks, Telemetry, Torpedoes, Trains, Volcanoes, Water Geysers, Weather, Whooshes, Wood Hits

Impact Effects

The Impact Effects ($129) CD contains 605 tracks with sound effects like Arrow Impacts into Bodies and Wood, Auto Crashes and Explosions, Ball Falls and Hits, Body Falls and Bone Breaks, Building Crashes and Ceiling Cracks, Bullet Impacts into Bodies, Glass, Metal and Wood, Cabinet, Drawer and Cardboard Crashes, Crashes and Auto Crash Test Dummies, Debris Falls, Earthquakes, Soft Falls, Garbage Drops and Hits, Gas and House Explosions, Glass Falls, Hits and Smashes, Dull, Heavy, Low and Soft Hits, Human Hits, Junk Crashes, Knife Impacts into Bodies and Wood, Mass Destruction, Metal Crashes, Falls and Hits, Meteor Crashes, Plastic Crashes, Crumples, Falls, Hits and Spins, Rock Falls, Hits and Smashes, Sack Drops and Hits, Subway Crashes, Sword Impacts, Wood Breaks and Crashes, Falls and Hits

Power Pack from Digiffects

Power Pack from Digiffects ($250) is on five CDs with more than 1,000 pre-boosted effects.

CD #1 Synthetic Media FX: Tailor-made for commercial use

CD #2 Synthetic Media FX: Longer and machine sounds

CD #3 Processed Sound FX: Stronger, tougher, and louder

CD #4 Processed Sound FX: Machine sounds and impacts

CD #5 Cartoon Sound FX: Comedy and corny sounds

The Dark Side of Sound

The Dark Side of Sound ($250) is on two CDs containing drama and horror and suspense ambiences, plus a full selection of creatures, monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, haunted houses, and many other creepy effects: Encounters With Evil, Dripping Blood, Ripping Flesh, Graveyards, Coffins, Dungeons, Guillotines, Secret Passageways, Demonic Languages, and Eerie Whispers.


Thunder ($250) is on two CDs of more than 100 thunder and rain effects. CD #1 contains single claps, cracks, rumbles, rolling thunder, and lightning strikes. CD #2 offers a sky full of three-minute storm ambience tracks, ranging from gentle rain showers to exploding thunder and fierce hurricanes.

The Art of Foley

The Art of Foley ($495) is on ten CDs containing a warehouse full of simulated sounds like Applaud, Break, Bubble, Click, Creak, Crumple, Crush, Drop, Fall, Grind, Hammer, Hit, Impact, Jingle, Kick, Pry, Punch, Rattle, Rip, Rustle, Scrape, Shake, Shriek, Smash, Splash, Squelch, Squish, and Step and Swish.


Applause, Archery, Automobiles, Bags, Basketball, Bells, Belts, Birds, Bone Breaks, Books, Bottles, Brushes, Buckets, Buses


File Cabinets, Cans, Carts, Briefcases and Luggage, Ceramic Smashes, Chains, Chairs, Clicks, Cloth Movements, Clothes, Coins, Computer Keyboards, Construction Ambiences, Crashes, Creaks, Desks, Dishes, Dog Movements, Doors, Drapes and Curtains, Drawers, Drills, Drops, Electricity Sparks, Equipment Rattles, Eyeglasses


Body Falls, Fax Machines, Footsteps




Golf, Glass Sounds, Guns, Hammers, Handcuffs, Hits, Human Horror Sounds


Horses, Stagecoaches and Wagons, Everyday Human Sounds, Insects, Kicks, Knives, Ladders, Latches, Leaves, Levers, Lighters, Liquids, Locks, Machines, Matches, Metal Sounds


Metal Sounds


Motors, Nails, Paper Sounds, Pens, Pencils, Ping Pong, Punches, Rattles


Cloth Rips, Rocks, Ropes, Safes and Vaults, Sand, Saws, Scissors, Scrapes and Screeches, Shakers, Shovels, Spins and Twirls, Rubber Squeaks, Flesh Stabs, Swimming and Diving, Swishes, Swords, Tables, Telephones, Turrets, Typewriters, Ventilators


Water Sounds, Whistles, Whooshes, Wood Sounds

Foley Footsteps

The Foley Footsteps CD ($99) is a comprehensive all-digital collection of male and female footsteps, recorded on a variety of different surfaces and at different walking speeds. Surfaces available include cement, wood, grass, gravel, metal, and snow. Sounds of individual steps, paced steps, shuffles, running, jumping, and climbing stairs are also included.

Series 9000 Open and Close

Series 9000 Open and Close SFX Library ($595) is on 12 CDs containing more than 6,200 sound effects from out-of-this-world space doors to down-to-earth household cupboards.

Series 11000 Sports

The Series 11000 Sports collection ($495) is on five CDs containing extreme close-ups of individual hits, impacts and catches, full competitive game action recorded at the sidelines, and the sounds of spectators, crowds, and stadiums in a wide selection of sports activities. Recorded with professional, semi-pro, and advanced collegiate athletes, it features both indoor and outdoor stadium crowd sounds of up to and more than 100,000 spectators.


Badminton, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Mountain Bike


Mountain and Road Bicycles, Billiards, Bowling, Boxing, Croquet, Curling


Curling, Exercise Equipment, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey


Inline Hockey, Martial Arts, Paintball, Ping Pong, Racquetball, Skateboarding, Ice Skating


Cross-Country and Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Soccer, Swimming Dives and Races, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling

Series 4000 Hollywood

Series 4000 Hollywood ($495) is on five CDs containing 2,200 digitally recorded effects like recorded cartoon boinks, zips, and pops.

4001 Cartoon

Boinks, Bongs, Dits, Bings, Boings, Bounces, Warbles, Impacts, Cymbals, Gongs, Falls, Squishes, Splats, Drips, Pops, Bubbles, Rattles, Grinds, Squeaks, Bells, Horns, Whistles, Zips, Whizzes, Twangs, Space Sounds, Accents, Crashes

4002 Cartoon

Accents, Drums, Percussion, Cars, Airplanes, Trains, Boats, Motors, Drills, Guns, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Chipmunks, Cows, Dogs, Donkeys, Ducks, Elephants, Frogs, Horses, Monkeys, Pigs, Sheep, Growls


Airguns, Handguns, Rifles, Shot Guns, 9mm Uzis, Mini Uzis, M-16s, AK-47s, Machine Guns, Holsters

4003 Cartoon

Laughter, Cries, Yells, Groans, Head Shakes, Vocals, Sneezes, Wheezes, Nose Blows, Gargles, Yawns, Snores, Kisses, Babies, Footsteps, Swishes, Body Punches, Face Punches, Face Slaps, Human Hits, Human Stabs, Whips, Human Bodyfalls, Glass Smashes, Auto Crashes, Metal Crashes, Horror Sounds, Explosions

4004 Music

Great Selection of Cartoon, Circus, and Classical Music

4005 Music

Wide Variety of Fanfares, Jazz, Marches, Rock, Horror, and Space Music


Emergency ($250) is on two CDs containing more than 500 sound effects like accident scenes, radio dispatches, alarms, sirens, crowds, and equipment sounds, Accidents and Rescues, Fires and Explosions, Ambulances, Fire Engines and Life Saving Equipment, Police Chases and Hostage Scenes, Police Cars, Equipment and Guns, Riot Scenes and Tear Gas, SWAT Teams, and Forensic Crime Investigations.

ClickShop from Digiffects

ClickShop from Digiffects ($200) is on four CDs containing 2,300 sound effects like switches, buttons, beeps, hits, rips, scrapes, clicks, hums, motors and machines, a variety of mechanical and other industrial sound effects, and backgrounds.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range ($395) is on two CDs containing over 1,000 sound effects like gun sounds and related effects, including interior and exterior shots, bullet hits, ricochets, silencers and gun handling sounds. Interior shots include revolvers, pistols, rifle, automatic weapons, and random fire. Exterior shots include revolvers, pistols, shotgun, assault rifles, automatic weapons, random fire, and special weapons. Foley/Handling include revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, auto rifles, assault rifles, by effect silencers, ricochets, bulletbys, and bullet hits.

The Works

The Works ($495) is on ten CDs containing 2,870 sound effects like pneumatics, buttons, switches, signals, levers, ratchets, gears, friction, stress, servo motors, small motors, small mechanisms, electrical effects, compartments, doors, machines, motors and engines, a diverse collection of backgrounds like interior work and manufacturing, packing, shipping, conveyors, exterior work, labor, industry, and constant tone environments.


Pneumatics, Buttons, Switches


Signals, Levers, Ratchets, Gears


Friction, Stress, Servo Motors


Small Motors, Small Mechanisms, Electrical Effects


Compartments, Doors, Tape Machines


Machines, Motors, Engines


Backgrounds: Interior Work and Manufacturing


Backgrounds: Packing, Shipping, Conveyors


Backgrounds: Exterior Work, Labor, Industry


Constant Tone Environments

Blow Tools

Blow Tools ($565) is on 12 CDs containing over 700 sound effects like rushing, wailing, blustering, buffeting, groaning, rustling, droning, growling, shrieking and moaning, whistling, rumbling, whispering, sweeping and swooshing, breezing, blowing, howling, gusting, and whooshing.

Series 5000 Wheels

Series 5000 Wheels ($595) is on 24 CDs containing 25 vehicles digitally recorded with over 3,000 sounds, including long recorded passbys with no premature fadeouts, 140 interior and exterior sounds per vehicle.


Dodge Omni


Ford Tempo


Chrysler Le Baron


Buick LaSabre


Cadillac-Sedan de Ville


Mercedes Benz


Toyota Corolla


Ford Mustang GT


Porsche 930 Turbo


Hot Rod


Alfa Romeo Spider


Jeep 4X4


Ford 3/4 Ton Pickup


Ford Van-Cargo Type


14' Box Truck-Ford


Mack, 18 Wheel (Cab and Wagon)


Greyhound Bus-MCI


1923 Ford Model “T”


1938 Chevrolet Coupe


1956 Chevy Belair




Various Surfaces and Miscellaneous Effects


Harley Davidson/Yamaha 250 Mini-Bike


Honda 750/Yamaha 80 Mini Bike

Series 5000 Wheels 2nd Gear

The Sound Ideas Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library ($595) is on 21 CDs containing a full range of effects for 20 different cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and a selection of vintage and performance automobiles, plus one full CD of off-road effects.

CD #5025

Dodge Neon-Manual Transmission

CD #5026

Chevy Caprice Police Edition

CD #5027

Ford Crown Victoria Police Edition

CD #5028

BMW 328I

CD #5029

BMW 540I

CD #5030

Mercedes Benz 500 SEC

CD #5031

Nissan Pathfinder-Manual Transmission (4WD)

CD #5032

Chevy Blazer (4WD)

CD #5033

Chevy Suburban

CD #5034

Jeep Grand Cherokee (4WD)

CD #5035

Chevy S 10 Small Pickup-Manual Transmission

CD #5036

Chevy Silverado Full Size Pickup

CD #5037

Nissan 240 SX SE-Manual Transmission

CD #5038

Pontiac GTO-Manual Transmission

CD #5039

Porsche Turbo S-Manual Transmission

CD #5040

Ferrari Testarossa-Manual Transmission

CD #5041

1975 Cobra RS 427-Manual Transmission

CD #5042

1963 Rolls Royce

CD #5043

Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo

CD #5044

1955 Packard

CD #5045

Off Road-Various Vehicles


Speed ($250) is two CDs containing more than 165 sound effects like idles, engine revs and shifting gears, single car passbys, passbys and races between two or more cars, straightaways, curves, hairpin turns, dragster burn outs, race, announcement and crowd ambiences, pit crew ambiences, tire garage ambiences, and starting and finish line sounds. The vehicles recorded are CART Indy Cars, Indy Lights Series Cars, Formula Atlantic Series Cars, Vintage Formula One Cars, Offroad Desert Racers, Go Carts, Dragsters, Funny Cars, Monster Trucks, NASCAR Stock Cars, World Sports Car Series, GTS Series Cars, FIA GT Series, and Motorcycles (several types).

Series 12000 Anchors Away

Series 12000 Anchors Away ($595) is on five CDs containing more than 1,200 sound effects like 40 different small boats, personal watercraft, racing, and fishing and excursion vessels such as Canoes, Kayaks, Row Boats, Pedal Boats, Jet Skis, Jet Boats, Hydroplanes, Everglade Air Boats, Fishing Boats, Trawlers, Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Scullers, Powerboats, Hovercraft, Zodiac Rescue Boats, Ferries, Tourist, Paddlewheel River Boats, Steam Boats, Cabin Cruisers, Vintage Boats, Schooners, and Speed Boats. A full range of exterior and on sounds include Starts, Idles, Engine Revs, and Shut Offs, Approaches, Reverses, and Turns From Different Perspectives, Pull Aways and Passbys At Different Speeds, Launching, Beaching, Paddling, Rowing and Docking Maneuvers, Engines, Motors, Generators and Throttles, Deck, Cabin, Engine Room, Race Ambiences, Horns, Signal Bells, Steam Whistles and Foghorns, Sails and Rigging and Winches. Other practical and related sounds included are Anchors, Buoys, Dock Hits, Paddles, Pumps, Water Bailing and Splashing, Sounds, Lake and Ocean Waves, and Wake Splashes

Series 13000 Ship Shape

Series 13000 Ship Shape ($395) is on six CDs containing more than 300 effects of a full fleet of freighters, luxury ocean liners, and other large vessels, cargo ships, barges, tug boats, an ice breaker, state-of-the-art naval frigates, a World War II PT boat, hydrofoils, large fishing vessels, trawlers, and cruise ships. Also included are a wide variety of engine room, anchor, and equipment sounds and backgrounds, plus a full selection of ocean wave and harbor ambiences.

Just Birds and Animals

Just Birds and Animals ($250) is on two CDs containing individual bird and animal species, plus a variety of key ambiences and backgrounds.

JBA 01:

Alligators, Barn Ambiences, Bats, Bears, Bees, Bird Ambiences, Blackbirds, Budgies, Chachalacas, Chickadees, Chickens, Cockatoos, Crows, Doves, Ducks, Eagles, Falcons, Flamingoes, Geese, Hawks, Hummingbirds, Killdeers, Loons, Macaws, Mockingbirds, Owls, Parrots, Peacocks, Pigeons, Roosters, Seagulls, Sparrows, Starlings, Sun Conures, Turkeys, Vultures, Warblers, Whippoorwills, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Yellowthroats, Domestic Cats

JBA 02:

Country Ambiences, Crickets, Dolphins, Donkeys, Elephants, Piranhas, Flies, Frogs, Goats, Gorillas, Horses, Insects, Katydids, Jaguars, Jungle Ambiences, Leopards, Lions, Marsh Ambiences, Monkeys, Penguins, Pigs, Prairie Dogs, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Seals, Rattlesnakes, Squirrels, Tigers, Walruses, Whales

Wild World of Animals

Wild World of Animals ($495) is on ten CDs that contain over 850 sound effects like aquatic animals (sharks, whales, dolphins, walruses), wild animals (buffalo, alligators, elephants, snakes, tigers, pandas), birds and insects, and domestic animals (cattle, goats, dogs, cats), plus an entire CD of horses.


Wild Animals

Buffalo, Camel, Elephant, Elk, Giraffe, Impala, Moose, Panda, Rhino, Wildebeest, Zebra


Wild Animals II

Bear, Bobcat, Cougar, Leopard, Lion, Ocelot, Panther, Tiger, Wildcat, Jackal, Wolf


Wild Animals III

Chimp, Gorilla, Monkey, Orangutan, Bat, Rabbit, Agouti, Rat, Frog, Alligator, Crocodile, Snake, Locust, Bee, Fly, Mosquito


Aquatic Animals I

Dolphin, Sea Lion, Seal, Walrus, Shark, Whale


Aquatic Animals II



Birds I

Birds in Many Environments: Amazon, Belize, North America


Birds and Insects I

Birds in Many Environments: Residential, Rural, Africa; Crickets, Cicadas


Birds and Insects II

Marsh and Jungle Ambiences from Around the World


Domestic Animals I

Cattle, Donkey, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Dog, Cat


Horses I

Horses: Many Gaits on Various Surfaces

Audience Reactions I

Audience Reactions I ($250) is on two CDs containing more than 500 audience reactions in larger arena and sports stadium crowds and children’s reactions.


Small- and Medium-Sized Studio Audiences, Large Stadium Crowds, Applause, Standing Ovations, Cheers and Whistles, Male and Female Applause, Rhythmic Clapping in Unison, Stomping and Clapping, Applause and Cheers, Surges of Applause, Whistling and Foot Stomping, “Bravo!,” “Encore!,” and “Yea!,” and Rowdy Cheering


Small- and Medium-Sized Studio Audiences, Large Stadium Crowds, Studio Audience of Children, Booing and Hissing, Angry Yelling, Cheers, Laughter, Laughter and Applause, Sympathetic Reactions, Male and Female Laughter and Applause, Amazed Reactions, Thoughtful and Surprised Reactions, Gasps, Relief and Disappointed Reactions, Disgusted Reactions, Hecklers and Shushes, Positive and Negative Reactions, Reactions of Disbelief, Shocked and Surprised Reactions, Trumpet Fanfare and Charge!, Happy New Year Countdown, Screams: Fear, Panic, and Adoration, and Children’s Reactions

Audience Reactions II

Audience Reactions II ($250) is on two CDs containing more than 500 sound effects like applause, cheering, anger and booing, laughter, screams, and a full palette of vocal and emotional reactions from many different sets of voices.


Medium-Sized Studio Audiences, Applause, Standing Ovation and Re-Seating, Cheers and Whistles, Male and Female Applause, Rhythmic Clapping in Unison, Applause and Cheers, Surges of Applause, Rowdy Cheering, “Surprise!,” “Hip, Hip, Hooray!,” “Charge!,” “Go Team Go!,” Sympathetic and Disappointed Reactions, Excited and Disbelief Reactions, Frightened, Panic and Horror Screams, Chanting “Hell No, We Won’t Go,” Laughter and Applause, Booing and Hissing and Angry Yelling, Disgruntled and Riotous


Small-Sized Studio Audiences, Male Only and Female Only Reactions, Studio Audience of Children, Booing and Hissing, Angry Yelling, Cheers, Laughter, Laughter and Applause, Sympathetic Reactions, Male and Female Laughter and Applause, Surprised Reactions, Shocked Gasps, Relief and Disappointed Reactions, Disgusted Reactions, Hecklers and Shushes, Positive and Negative Reactions, Shocked and Surprised Reactions, Happy New Year Countdown, Screams: Fear, Panic, and Adoration, Children’s Reactions, Chant “Go Team Go” and “De-Fence” and “Hip Hip Hooray”

Series 3,000 Ambience I

Series 3000 Ambience I ($495) is on 12 CDs containing over 200 stereo sound effects.


City Atmospheres


Parks, Construction, Harbors


Jungles, Swamps, Mountains, Deserts, Forests


Country and Residential


Highways and Airports


Outdoor Crowds


Outdoor Crowds


Indoor Crowds


Indoor Crowds


Restaurants, Bars, Offices


European Ambiences


Room Tones

Series 7,000 Ambience II

Series 7,000 Ambience II ($495) is on 15 CDs containing more than 350 contemporary ambiences.


Barns, Countrysides, Forests, Jungles, Marshes, Mountains, Oceans, Storms, Winds


Airports, Arcades, Ballrooms, Banks, Bars, Basketball, Beaches, Billiard Halls, Boardrooms, Bowling, Fairs


Bus Stations, Casinos, Cities, Construction, Conventions


Indoor Crowds (Small, Medium, and Large), Outdoor Crowds (Medium and Large)


Harbors, Hockey, Hospitals, Household, Industries, Libraries, Lobbies, Markets, Office Foyers, Parades


Parks, Parking Lots, Parties, Playgrounds, Residential, Restaurants, Room Tones


Room Tones, Schools, Service Stations, Ice Skating, Stadiums


Stock Exchanges, Stores, Subways, Swimming Pools, Symphonies, Theatres, Train Stations


Scenes: Barns, Battles, Caves, Christmas, Cities, Courtrooms, Dinosaur Parks, Earthquakes, Fight Scenes, Forest Fires, House Fires, Horror, Police Accidents, Steam Train Stations, Western Streets


Foreign Ambiences From: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic


Foreign Ambiences From: Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France


Foreign Ambiences From: Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India


Foreign Ambiences From: India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia


Foreign Ambiences From: Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland


Foreign Ambiences From: Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay

Series 10,000 Ambience III

The Series 10,000 Ambience III ($495) is on 14 CDs containing sound effects from 28 different countries and national regions, with five of New York City, and the remaining CDs are sounds of forest, water, rural, rain, residential, city, construction, industry, traffic, crowd, room tone, office, and other backgrounds.




Foreign Ambiences From: Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil


Cities, Construction, Countrysides


Foreign Ambiences From: Brazil, China


Indoor and Outdoor Crowds, Forests


Foreign Ambiences From: Czech Republic, England




Foreign Ambiences From: France, Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii, Hungary


Industries and Foreign Ambiences From: India


Foreign Ambiences From: Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands


New York Ambiences—Airport, Bank, Bar, Boat, Bus Terminal, Chinatown, City


New York Ambiences—City, Construction, Crowds


New York Ambiences—Horse, Hotel, Library, Market, Office, Park


New York Ambiences—Park, Restaurant, Store, Subway, Traffic


New York Ambiences—Traffic, Train Station


Post Offices, Rain


Foreign Ambiences From: New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland


Residential, Restaurants, Room Tones, Schools, Traffic


Foreign Ambiences From: Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey


Water Ambiences: Falls, Oceans, Rivers, Streams


Foreign Ambiences From: Turkey, Venezuela

Nightingale Voice Box 1 and 2

Nightingale Voice Box 1 and 2 ($250) is on two CDs containing over 1,500 sound effects like laughing, crying, screaming, eating, breathing, coughing, sneezing, pain and ecstasy, and broadcast and P.A. section. It also includes news, weather and sports, yodeling, auctioneers, nursery rhymes, telephone operators, cheering, lots of kids’ stuff, stereo location ambience, many multilingual tracks, and more than 50 tracks of words, phrases, and sayings.

Nightingale Voice Box 3—Just Kids and Babies

Nightingale Voice Box 3—Just Kids and Babies ($129) is on one CD that contains 99 great tracks of children, toddlers, and babies eating, screaming, crying, whining, singing, and playing.

Great Speeches of the 20th Century

Great Speeches of the 20th Century ($75) is on four CDs that contain some of the most well-known speeches of the 20th century, spanning the years 1908-1991. Each speech has been edited to include the most memorable and noteworthy segments, and every attempt has been made to include a variety of speakers in the political, historical, inspirational, and topical categories.

Historic Presidential Speeches

Historic Presidential Speeches ($95) is on six CDs featuring 85 years of presidential oratory in their own voices: 17 of America’s chief executives variously sharing their visions, coaxing a nation to support their political programs, and appealing for votes.

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