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The Hollywood Edge

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The Hollywood Edge, a division of Todd/Soundelux Studios, is one of the largest publishers and distributors of high-quality sound effects, production music, and specialty audio hardware. With over 30 multiple disc collections, including hard-to-find sound effects and special field recordings, The Hollywood Edge productions are the most usable effects library available. Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, and John Hughes are among the filmmakers who highly recommend the vast collection produced and compiled by the award-winning sound designers and editors from Soundelux.

Soundelux is the only company in the industry that is also a postproduction facility and offers its Foley sound collection from Academy Award-winning films in its new Foley series.

The Hollywood Edge SFX Collection

3DSFX Series

The Car Chase Scene Set

Futurity’s Metropolis

Alan Howarth Signature Series

Cartoon Trax

Hi Tech & Top Secret Effects

American Zoetrope

Citi Trax

Historical Series


Dynamic Range

HPX Digital Effects

Animal Trax

The Edge Edition

Laughs, Cheers, and Applause

Animation Collection

The Eerie Edition

Lon Bender’s Wacky World of Widgets

Apocalypse Now

European Edition


Background Trax

Explosions Signature Series

Martial Arts & Human Impacts

Burtis Bill’s American West

File Effects

Metropolis II

Busted Effects & Most Wanted

Foley Sound Library
Foley Steps


Peter Sullivan Signature Series

Premiere Edition 4(Volumes 41 to 50)

Sports With Balls Surround Crowds

Premiere Edition 1
(Volumes 1 to 20)

Sci-Fi Set

Star Trax


Sound Designer Tool Kit

Super Single I

Premiere Edition 2
(Volumes 21 to 30)

Sounds of a Different Realm

Super Single II
The Works

Premiere Edition 3
(Volumes 31 to 40)

Sounds of Speed
Sports With Balls

Worldwide Sports Edition

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
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