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Sound Ideas is an online resource for sound effects and production music. Its collection includes:

General Sound Effects Collection

The General Series 6000 Extension I

The General Series 6000 Extension II

The General Series 6000 Extension III

Series 1000 General Sound Effects Library

Series 2000 General Sound Effects Library

XV Series Multi-Platform SFX Library

BBC Sound Effects Library 1-40

BBC Sound Effects Library 41-60

The International Sound Effects Library

De Wolfe Sound Effects Library

De Wolfe Classic Sound Effects Library

Renaissance SFX Library—Dolby Surround

Platinum Sounds for the 21st Century

Audio Pro European Sound Effects Library

Digiffects Sound Effects Library


Feature Film Sound Effects Collection

Amadeus SFX Library

20th Century Fox SFX Library

Lucasfilm SFX Library

Universal Studios SFX Library

Turner Entertainment Co. SFX Library

Disney Ideas

Comedy and Cartoon Sound Effects Library

Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library

Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures

Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library

The Sound Effects of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends

Science Fiction Sound Effects Library

Metropolis Sci Fi Toolkit 1

Metropolis Sci Fi Toolkit 2

Jurassic Dinosaurs

Drone Archeology

The Big Drone


Extreme Sound Effects Collections

Crash & Burn

PowerSurge 1

PowerSurge 2

Larger Than Life

Impact Effects

Power Pack from Digiffects

The Dark Side of Sound

Specialty Sound Effects Collections


The Art of Foley

Foley Footsteps

Series 9,000 Open & Close

Series 11,000 Sports

Series 4,000 Hollywood


Click Shop from Digiffects

Dynamic Range

The Works

Blow Tools


Land and Water Sound Effects Collections

Series 5,000 Wheels

Series 5,000 Wheels 2nd Gear


Series 12,000 Anchors Away

Series 13,000 Ship Shape


Birds and Animals Sound Effects Collections

Just Birds & Animals

Wild World of Animals

Audience Reactions Sound Effects Collections

Audience Reactions I

Audience Reactions II

Ambience Collections

Series 3,000 Ambience I

Series 7,000 Ambience II

Series 10,000 Ambience III


Speech and Voice Collections

Nightingale Voice Box 1 & 2

Nightingale Voice Box 3—Just Kids & Babies

Great Speeches of the 20th Century

Historic Presidential Speeches

Can I use Sound Ideas sound effects in my computer game?

Yes you can, provided that the sounds are embedded in the code of your game and are not available for an end user to access or download. If your application allows the end user to access or download unsynchronized sounds, you should contact Sound Ideas to arrange supplemental authorization for the use of the sound effects.

I am making a video game for release in retail stores. Can I use your sound effects in it?

Yes you can. Synchronization of our sound effects in this manner is permitted under the terms and conditions of the Sound Ideas End User License Agreement.

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