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Awave Studio is a multipurpose audio tool that reads a variety of audio file formats from different platforms, synthesizers, and trackers. It can be used as an audio file format converter, an audio editor, an audio and MIDI player, and a wave table synthesizer instrument editor and converter. Awave Studio converts from the 190 audio-related file formats that it can read into any of the 190 audio file formats that it can write.

Awave Studio does quality conversions between the instruments format’s most common PC synthesizer sound cards, like SB AWE32, SB Live!, all Vortex II-based cards, TB Pinnacle, TB Maui, AVM Apex, Gravis UltraSound, and UltraSound PnP.

Awave Studio converts MIDI song data between several formats. You can package MIDI songs together with custom instruments in a single file. You can even convert MOD-tracker modules into MIDI format accompanied by custom instruments.

Awave Studio also supports reading, and in many cases also writing, and several commercial synthesizer file formats, including formats from Ensoniq, Akai, Kurzweil, Roland, and Yamaha. It can also send or receive waveforms to professional synthesizers using standard SDS transfers over MIDI or really fast SMDI transfers over SCSI.

A Batch Conversion Wizard makes converting large numbers of audio files easy.

The Audio Processing Wizard lets you accomplish many common editing tasks like resampling, fading, cutting and pasting, merging and combining waveforms, and much more. An example of a use for the Audio Processing Wizard is the cross-fade loop function; using this, you no longer have to search in vain for that elusive optimal loop point. Just select a likely portion of the waveform and cross-fade it, and you have a good sounding loop.

The Instrument Processing Wizard helps you avoid having to manually do repetitive editing tasks on instruments. It is a fully featured DLS level 1, DLS level 2, and SoundFont 2.1 wavetable instrument editor, which can also be used as an editor for many other instrument formats.

You can play sampled audio files using the Audio Player on a real-time oscilloscope or frequency analyzer display, which is also integrated into the Windows shell so that you can play files with a click of the right mouse button.

The MIDI Player uses Microsoft DirectMusic technology and DLS synthesis (DX 8 required for DLS level 2). It guarantees that MIDI songs sound exactly the same on all computers.

Record your MIDI songs (with or without custom instruments) to a WAV file on disk using the software synthesizer for later MP3 format conversion.

Audition your instruments directly using any of the several natively supported synthesizers (including DirectMusic and the Microsoft software synthesizer or the simpler internal sound mixer). Use the PC keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard to play. Record new waveforms using the Waveform Recording Wizard.

It does not convert WAV to MIDI—it isn’t a MIDI editor/sequencer. It does not handle really huge audio files (those that are too large to fit in memory), and 16-bit PCM mono/stereo is the internal precision used.

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Awave Studio is shareware; it is not free. This means that if you like the program and decide to use it past the 30-day trial period, you must register (i.e., buy it—the price is $99.95). There are also a number of incentives for registering it such as:

  • Removes nag screens and other annoying reminders

  • Removes save limit

  • Enables some locked features (copy/paste, saving bank files, and batch convert)

When you purchase Awave Studio, you get a one person-one computer license—valid for the current program version. You are sent a personal registration code that unlocks the shareware version, turning it into the full registered version.

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