Chapter 5. Strings


    Recipe 5.1.  Using a StringBuilder

    Recipe 5.2.  Creating a String of N Identical Characters

    Recipe 5.3.  Creating a String by Repeating a String N Times

    Recipe 5.4.  Obfuscating a String

    Recipe 5.5.  Converting Binary Data to a Hexadecimal String

    Recipe 5.6.  Extracting Substrings from Larger Strings

    Recipe 5.7.  Converting a String's Case

    Recipe 5.8.  Comparing Strings with Case Sensitivity

    Recipe 5.9.  Comparing Strings Without Case Sensitivity

    Recipe 5.10.  Converting Strings to and from Character Arrays

    Recipe 5.11.  Converting Strings to and from Byte Arrays

    Recipe 5.12.  Tallying Characters

    Recipe 5.13.  Counting Words

    Recipe 5.14.  Removing Extra Whitespace

    Recipe 5.15.  Using the Correct End-of-Line Characters

    Recipe 5.16.  Replacing Substrings

    Recipe 5.17.  Inserting a Character or String

    Recipe 5.18.  Inserting a Line

    Recipe 5.19.  Double-Spacing a String

    Recipe 5.20.  Formatting Numbers into Strings

    Recipe 5.21.  Trimming Sets of Characters from a String

    Recipe 5.22.  Identifying and Validating Types of Data in a String

    Recipe 5.23.  Converting Strings Between Encoding Systems

    Recipe 5.24.  Determining a Character's Type

    Recipe 5.25.  Parsing Strings

    Recipe 5.26.  Concatenating Strings

    Recipe 5.27.  Speeding Up String Manipulation

    Recipe 5.28.  Counting Occurrences of a Substring

    Recipe 5.29.  Padding a String for Exact Length and Alignment

    Recipe 5.30.  Converting Tabs to Spaces

    Recipe 5.31.  Reversing a String

    Recipe 5.32.  Shuffling a String

    Recipe 5.33.  Using a Simple String Encryption

    Recipe 5.34.  Converting a String to Morse Code

    Recipe 5.35.  Adding Strings to an Application's Resources

    Recipe 5.36.  Converting Any Data to a String

    Recipe 5.37.  Using Regular Expressions to Extract All Numbers

    Recipe 5.38.  Getting a Count of Regular Expression Matches

    Recipe 5.39.  Getting the Nth Regular Expression Match

    Recipe 5.40.  Compiling Regular Expressions for Speed

    Recipe 5.41.  Using Regular Expressions to Validate Data

    Recipe 5.42.  Using Regular Expressions to Count Characters, Words, or Lines

    Recipe 5.43.  Converting a String to and from Base64

    Recipe 5.44.  Splitting a String

    Recipe 5.45.  Creating a String of Space Characters

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