Now You Know Tungsten E

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Now You Know Tungsten™ E
By Rick Overton, David Hayward
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: December 06, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-33030-7
Pages: 176

You've just discovered what 2 million other users already know: That the best-selling Tungsten E is the coolest, most affordable ($200) color electronic organizer on the market! Here to reveal all of its secrets is a pint-sized guide that's as smart and sleek as the device itself. As the only source authorized by the device's creators (palmOne), this handy guide from a pair of PC Magazine editors comes jam-packed with all kinds of new things you can do on your Tungsten E that aren't disclosed in the PDF manuals. Each tip or technique takes just minutes to complete, which means you master one topic quickly and easily, and then move on to the next. A bold, bright design with lay-flat binding makes it easy (and essential) to practice your new skills as you read-your Tungsten E in one hand and this guide at your side. Includes complete coverage of the newest palmOne handhelds, which offer bright color, loads of power and storage, and extensive feature sets.

Now You Know Tungsten E
Now You Know Tungsten E
ISBN: 0321330307
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 118
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