Praise for The 60-Second Commute

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Praise for The 60-Second Commute

"For anyone with the heart of an entrepreneur, this book will give you all the practical information you need, as well as a dose of inspiration, to get your home-based company off the ground. For telecommuters and anyone else doing the home-office juggle, this is guaranteed to offer advice and encouragement you need to work from home and do it well."

”Tom Asacker Author, Sandbox Wisdom: Revolutionize Your Brand with the Genius of Childhood

"A highly informative, entertaining guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of working from home. Don't be home without it!"

”Cleo Coy Former Director of Buying & Merchandising, Waldenbooks

"For people who want to create a 'no spin' lifestyle of self- reliance and independence, The 60-Second Commute provides the pathway . If time is money, you'll be taking this book to the bank."

”Bill O'Reilly The O'Reilly Factor

"This is a great guide to working from home from two pros who do it well and with a sense of humor and a dose of fun. This is also must-reading for anyone thinking about a commute to their spare bedroom or even dining room table. If you don't read this, you're hurting nobody but yourself."

”Mike Celizic Author and National Sports Columnist

"Balancing career and family is a tough nut to crack. These two authors really nail it."

”Marti Benjamin Shiener Vice President of Programming for "Healthy Solutions with Mariette Hartley"

"This is terrific !! THE BEST HOME OFFICE GUIDE EVER."

”Charles Spicer Executive Editor, St. Martin's Press, New York City

"I absolutely believe that all the information in this book is the result of first-hand experience. Thanks to these two smart, successful and savvy women."

”Tony DiIoia Chairman/CEO, Animagic Entertainment, Santa Barbara, CA

"What a find!!! I love this book and I need the information."

”Jacqueline D. Byrd, Esq. Columnist and Attorney, Bowie, Maryland

"An excellent , well-written , easy to read primer and reference book not only for newcomers to the home business field but also for those already established. Wish I had this book before I embarked on a home business ”it would have made life a lot easier."

”Alyce Finell President, Finell Enterprises

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The 60-Second Commute. A Guide to Your 24.7 Home Office Life
The 60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life
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