Linking and Grouping Layers

Linking and Grouping Layers

Link a Layer (or Layer Set) to Current Target Layer


Mouse: Click in the Link icon area


Turn On/Off Linking for Multiple Layers (or Layer Sets)


Mouse: Drag in the Link icon area

Link with the Topmost Visible Layer


Mac: Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + click

Win: Ctrl + Shift + right-click

This shortcut displays a pop-up menu that lists all the available layers directly under the cursor. Instead of selecting a layer, the layer you choose will be linked with the current active layer.

Link/Unlink Layers from the Layer Contextual Menu


Mac: Ctrl + Shift + click

Win: Shift + right-click

If you have the Move tool selected, (Ctrl + click) [right-click] in the composition displays the contextual menu for selecting layers. If you are in a tool other than the Move tool, (Cmd + Ctrl + click) [Ctrl + right-click] temporarily switches you to the Move tool.

Group Target Layer with Layer Below


Menu: Layer Group with Previous

Mac: Cmd + G

Win: Ctrl + G

Ungroup Target Layer with Layer Below


Menu: Layer Ungroup

Mac: Cmd + Shift +G

Win: Ctrl + Shift + G

Toggle Group/Ungroup with Previous Layer


Mac: Option + click divider between layers

Win: Alt + click divider between layers

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