The History Palette

Show or Hide the History Palette


Menu: Window Showing/Hiding History

Both: F9

F9 shows or hides the Actions palette. Also use it to show or hide the History palette if you haven't changed the default grouping of the Actions and History palette. To show History if the Actions palette is not open , press F9, and then click the History tab. To hide both the History and the Actions palettes, press the F9 key until they both disappear.

Photoshop Histories allow for snapshots whereas ImageReady does not. The Photoshop History palette has icons to create a new state and to create a new document from the current state; you won't find either of these in ImageReady.


Step Backward/Forward


Menu: History Step Forward

Mac: Shift + Cmd + Z

Win: Shift + Ctrl + Z

Menu: History Step Backward

Mac: Cmd + Option + Z

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Z

Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3 allow you to choose from three different Redo shortcuts via the General Preferences. You can switch the Redo keystroke to match ImageReady, match Microsoft style, or remain Photoshop style. Note: Picking anything other than Photoshop style loses the ability to undo and redo history. The default in Photoshop 6 is that (Cmd + Z) [Ctrl + Z] toggles between undo and redo of the last thing you did. The default in ImageReady for (Cmd + Z) [Ctrl + Z] is set to multiple undo.

Here is what happens when you change the preferences:

Redo Key Preference Setting History State Backward History State Forward Toggle Undo/Redo
(Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Option + Z) (Cmd + Shift + Z) (Cmd + Z)
[Ctrl + Z]     [Ctrl + Z]
(Toggles Undo/Redo) [Ctrl + Alt + Z] [Ctrl + Shift + Z]  
(Cmd + Shift + Z) (Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Shift + Z) (Cmd + Option + Z)
[Ctrl + Shift + Z] [Ctrl + Z] [Ctrl + Shift + Z] [Ctrl + Alt + Z]
(Cmd + Y) (Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Y) (Cmd + Option + Z)
[Ctrl + Y] [Ctrl + Z] [Ctrl + Y] [Ctrl + Alt + Z]

Duplicate the History State (Other Than Current)


Mac: Option + click the state

Win: Alt + click the state

Create a New Snapshot


Mouse: Click the New Snapshot icon

Create a New Document from the Target Snapshot


Mouse: Click the New Document from Current State icon

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