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P&G site 2nd
page design [See design.]
page elements
     alignment of
     grouping associated
     positioning of 2nd
     reducing clutter in 2nd
     use of white space with
page headlines 2nd 3rd
page layout mistakes
page summaries
page titles 2nd 3rd
paid directories
Palm site
Palo Alto Research Center
paragraph length
parallel phrasing
parametric search 2nd
parts, product
Patent and Trademark Office site
PC Magazine page
PCs 2nd 3rd
PDF files 2nd 3rd
Pepsi site 2nd
perceived affordance 2nd
Pergo site
persistence score
personal information 2nd 3rd
pet products
Philip Morris site
phone numbers 2nd
photo-enlargement feature
phrase searches
pie charts, usability problem 2nd 3rd
PIMS site
Pirolli, Peter
Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science site
Pixar site 2nd 3rd
placeholder text
platform considerations
Play button
plug-ins 2nd 3rd
point size 2nd
pointing devices
"polar bear" book
pop-up blockers 2nd 3rd 4th
pop-up windows 2nd
Postal Service site 2nd
Pottery Barn site
PowerPoint slides 2nd
Poynter Institute
press releases 2nd
pricing information
print resolution
printer-friendly pages
privacy considerations 2nd
problems, usability [See usability problems.]
Proctor & Gamble site 2nd
product comparison tables
product illustrations
product information
     comparing products in
     disclosing extra fees with
     displaying awards/reviews with
     displaying prices with
     layering 2nd
     offering articles with
     offering complimentary items in
     providing color swatches with
     providing detailed descriptions in
     providing pictures with
product pages [See also product information.]
product recommendations
pull-down menus
Purchase Now option

Prioritizing Web Usability
Prioritizing Web Usability
ISBN: 0321350316
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 107

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