project management step by step: how to plan and manage a highly successful project
Project Management Step by Step: How to Plan and Manage a Highly Successful Project
by Richard Newton

Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Pub Date: January 01, 2006

Print ISBN-10: 0-273-70788-4

Print ISBN-13: 978-0-273-70788-2

Pages: 168
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The proven, practical guide to running a successful project, every time

"This straightforward and insightful approach gives results. It provides enough structure to ensure visibility and reliable delivery without smothering you with paperwork. It's no nonsense real change for the real world." Matthew Deardon, CEO, BT Directories

You've got an important project to run. You need to know what to do, in what order, to make sure it all runs smoothly. You want to come out of it with the desired result, and looking good. This book is for you.

Project Management Step by Step is the proven, practical guide to running a highly successful project, one step at a time. It breaks down the management of the project into easy stages that will ensure you cover everything, at the right time, to bring about a successful delivery.

Refreshingly jargon-free, it's a book for anybody who doesn't need in-depth theory and principles of various project management techniques, but rather just wants a foolproof guide to making sure their project runs smoothly, on time and to budget. It offers an approach robust enough to ensure your success, but simple enough to be immediately applicable.

This is the fast track guide to becoming a competent and polished project manager.

"A great approach, simple to understand, yet powerful in application. It delivers the project results!"  Dave Keighley, Managing Director Operations and Logistics, NTL

Project Management Step by Step. The Proven, Practical Guide to Running a Successful Project, Every Time
Project Management Step by Step: The Proven, Practical Guide to Running a Successful Project, Every Time
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